You eat 5 meals a day? You can put on weight


Apparently, you should eat more often, but smaller portions to keep a slim figure.It’s best to eat 5 meals a day – some argue, adding that in the worst situation are people who eat less often during the day, but larger meals. it is a myth that has already overthrown many scientists.

Apparently you should eat more often, but smaller meals.” Best 5 meals a day, every 3-4 hours. “However, is this the most appropriate model of nutrition? Scientists, based on numerous studies, noticeably cut off from the trend proposing ” healthy “5 meals The vast majority of research shows the advantages of other eating patterns, especially those involving the introduction of fewer meals at fixed times of the day.The currently known ancient maxim “eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a prince, and dinner like a beggar” in the light of current reports It is especially interesting for people who are overweight and obese, who have already been trying to lose weight before, but have been ineffective.


Who should eat more often, but smaller meals, and who will not?

At the beginning, it should be noted that not always eating more often, but smaller meals will have negative consequences.The nutrition model consisting in the consumption of 5 and more meals a day will benefit people who are very physically active, such as professional sportsmen. More frequent meals can be mentioned here, for example problems with reflux, liver and pancreatic diseases and bariatric procedures.Also, such a nutrition model is recommended for children and adolescents during intensive growth and development, however after this period further support for building processes (so-called anabolic environment) with insufficient physical activity will result in the development of only adipose tissue, and thus progressive obesity.


When you eat more often, but smaller meals, you may increase the risk of overweight and obesity

The mere fact of consuming more meals can also be problematic due to lack of time, because a larger amount of meals can mean a longer time spent planning, buying and preparing food, and eating 5 times a day is much easier to lose control of From dietary practice, I know that having valuable, fast products that provide a balanced amount of proteins and fats is much more difficult, often unhealthy, quick snacks appear here, including bars, cookies, sweet rolls, yoghurts and beverages. they are rich in simple sugars that stimulate the secretion of insulin – a hormone without which lipogenesis will not occur, which is the basic mechanism responsible for storing fat tissue.


Insulin supplies the muscles and liver with energy.” If the muscles are “full”, then the insulin accumulates on the supply of valuable energy in the form of adipose tissue from the food.

Insulin needs the right amount of time to drop to the baseline level, and when it stimulates its secretion too often, eating high-carbohydrate snacks, there is no chance of normal insulin levels returning to the cells, and soon the cells become accustomed to it. They stop being sensitive to insulin.The gradual development of insulin resistance begins.The energy can not be properly distributed to working tissues and muscles, but it is still very easily stored in the form of adipose tissue.The high level of insulin can be manifested even by chronic fatigue, but also increased fancy snacks, especially those containing large amounts of sugar.


Eat less, but bigger meals – you will not put on weight

In 2014, research was carried out involving 219 overweight and diagnosed with type II diabetes, divided into two groups: group A consumed 6 meals a day, while group B only two – breakfast and lunch. Both groups respected the diet with a deficit It turned out that group B, despite the same calorie diet as group A, noted a greater weight loss, better tolerance to glucose (improvement of insulin sensitivity) and lower fatty liver compared to group A, eating less and more often. group B also improved the hormonal profile.

In a newer and equally interesting study conducted on a group of over 50,000 participants, it has been shown that some habits are conducive to maintaining low body weight, and some support its gradual increase.


What habits are conducive to maintaining low body weight?


eating one or two meals during the day

refraining from eating up to 18 hours a day (with one meal it was almost 24 hours)

not skipping breakfast

eating breakfast or lunch as the largest meal (eating a bigger breakfast had even better results)


What eating habits determined more weight?

The conclusion of the study was the statement – An effective method to prevent weight gain is eating less often, eating abundant breakfasts and providing more calories in the first part of the day .2 It is worth noting that lower body weight is associated with increased life expectancy, better health and lower incidence of non-communicable diseases. People with lower body weight maintain both mental and physical fitness



What happens to the body when you eat only 2 large meals during the day?

First of all, it is a natural model for the human body.” Only recently the amount of food available allows eating more often.The examined centenarians usually eat two full meals a day.Also, eating less often, you can eat large portions, and still be on a calorie deficit. If the daily energy balance is set at 1800 kcal, then two meals of 900 kcal come in. That’s a lot, especially if the meal consists of low energy vegetables, which usually allows you to fill your heart, which translates into positive Psychodietetic aspects: Eating a bigger meal increases the satisfaction, which affects the achievement of better long-term effects.

In addition, time is saved to prepare food.” By skipping snacks and sugary drinks, you can more effectively control the amount of calories consumed, but it is important to pay special attention to the composition and quality of food, so as to avoid shortages. proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vegetables and fruits that provide fiber, vitamins and a whole range of antioxidant polyphenols.


Is coffee with milk a meal?

The body does not recognize what product goes into the stomach.” If it is a source of calories, the same sequence of metabolic reactions is triggered in each case, which is why drinks containing sugars (milk is also a source of sugars) are treated as another meal. a can of sweet drink can you feel sytym?


Periodic fasting and slimming

The fast word can cause negative feelings for many people because it is associated with all-day hunger, but if the dinner is consumed at 1900 and breakfast at 700 in the morning, it means that the 12-hour fasting period is retained. there is a lot of it! The mere preservation of a 12-hour fast over a 24-hour period already has positive effects, such as an increase in insulin sensitivity.

Periodic fasting consists of eating at certain hours during the day and refraining from taking food at other times.

By shifting the limit of the post to 18 hours a day and an additional 6-hour break between meals during the day, a model is obtained that, according to current knowledge, gives benefits, such blood lipid parameters, improvement of brain function or improvement of the aforementioned sugar management (glucose lowering and cellular sensitivity to insulin).


Circadian rhythm

It is an extremely important factor in the overall functioning of the organism, often completely neglected, while living in a natural environment, on a given latitude, we are living organisms associated with the circadian rhythm, which directly affects the functioning of the hormonal balance. , which has a calming and calming effect on the whole organism, including the digestive system and probably metabolism. An interesting study shows that when eating in the morning, you can burn more fat than eating the same meals in the same amount in the morning and evening. Not only that, another study – carried out on rats – shows that rodents, eating during the first part of the day, were definitely more active than other groups fed the same, but at different times over good. fed in the morning he hady greater reduction of body fat compared to the group fed more times, despite the same calorie content.

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Worth knowing

  1. Food in the first part of the day allows you to keep your weight down.
  2. Eating 2 meals can be better than 4-5.
  3. Each consumed dose of sugar, even in the form of juice, is recognized by the body as a meal.
  4. The use of fasting periods throughout the day improves health and affects the reduction of body fat.
  5. Regardless of the nutrition model, the key is the amount of calories you take.
  6. Eat less but better quality products.
Posted on: November 12, 2018

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