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In Poland, there are more and more places where you can drink yerba mate or buy dried leaves, allowing you to prepare this unique drink yourself.It is worth taking an interest in this tea because of its valuable properties.The most benefits of drinking yerba mate can be obtained by people who are trying to get rid of excessive kilos.However, before discussing its impact on adipose tissue, it would be good to find out where yerba mate came from and how she came to Poland.

Origin and history

Yerba mate is a dried leaf of the Paraguay holly – a plant found in South America.Tea is the most popular in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile.It is a drink that is also often drunk here, like black tea in Europe.Yerba mate was valued by tribes living in America before Europe was discovered by the continent.For the inhabitants of Argentina, it was a drink reviving the body and mind, enabling the treatment of many diseases.

Europe came to Yerba Mate through colonizers who appreciated it because it protected against scurvy.It did not immediately gain popularity on the old continent, due to the fact that it was associated with pagans, and for Christian Europeans it meant a satanic work.The dissemination of yerba mate was the merit of the Jesuits, who founded their own plantations of yerba mate and benefited from the sale of tea.The attention of the colonizers also did not escape thefact that thanks to yerba mate, the Indians have more strength to work, which was a reason not to fight the habit of drinking this drink.

Properties yerba mate

According to the results of numerous studies, the leaves of the Paraguay holly show antioxidant properties.Free radicals are involved in pathological changes, increasing the risk of, inter alia, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.Researchers conducting research on the operation of yerba mate concluded that after a certain period of regular drinking of tea, there is a significant reduction in lipid oxidation.At the same time, the level of antioxidants in the plasma and the expression of antioxidative enzyme genes increased.

The anti-tumor effect of yerba mate also consists in increasing the resistance of DNA strands to damage caused by the action of hydrogen peroxide and improving repair processes in DNA cells.

It was also confirmed that the tea from South America has a beneficial effect on myocardial function.It is helpful in the case of ischemia and improves blood circulation.

Other health-promoting properties of yerba mate include reducing the level of bad cholesterol, while undermining good cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. Regular drinking of tea improves skin elasticity, prevents the formation of wrinkles and stretch marks.Yerba mate provides magnesium, manganese and potassium, so it helps maintain the proper level of electrolytes.


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Yerba mate for a slim figure

Studies carried out on people taking herb extracts from yerba mate, guarana and damiany proved that the substances contained in them accelerate the occurrence of a feeling of satiety and make it persist for a long time.Moreover, in subjects using this supplement after 45 days, the weight decreased by an average of 5.1 kg, while in those receiving placebo tablets the decrease was only 0.3 kg.

A similar phenomenon was observed in a clinical study in which yerba mate was given for 12 weeks as a supplement containing also green and black tea, guarana, asparagus and bean extract.

The researchers also proved that yerba mate reduces the activity of the enzyme, which is responsible for the decomposition of fats, which results in a reduction in their absorption by the body.In addition, it stimulates the production of bile, and thus supports digestion.

How to brew yerba mate?

To learn the real taste of yerba mate and learn its properties, learn how to brew this tea properly.Although there are different methods of preparing a drink, it is best to use water at a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees C. Traditionally, yerba mate is brewed in a gourd and drinks by bombilla, but the first time you can choose an ordinary cup or cup.Before pouring, the leaves should be from ½ to ¾ of the vessel’s volume.In Paraguay it is customary to add various herbs to the drink.Some sweeten a drink, but instead of sugar it is better to choose a stevia that also comes from South America and fits well with yerba mate.Those who will not like the taste of tea can reach for supplements containing leaves of yerba mate.It is used, inter alia, in thermogenics and pre-workout supplements.


Despite the many health-promoting properties of yerba mate, it is recommended in some situations to give up drinking or limit the amount of tea.It should be remembered that this beverage contains caffeine, which is harmful in excessive amounts, especially in the case of certain diseases, such as hypertension.Caution should also be taken by those who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol regularly, because in combination with drinking hot yerba mate it can increase the risk of esophageal cancer.


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Posted on: December 19, 2018

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