Winter sports that make it easier to get rid of excess weight


When the temperature drops below zero, and a thick layer of snow lies on the ground, most people want to sit in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot tea.However, anyone who wants a slim figure, regardless of the season, needs traffic.Although it seems that winter is not conducive to activity, there are many sports that you can only train at that time.


The first suggestion is skiing.The number of ski slopes in Poland is quite large, so beginners should not complain about the lack of places to learn to drive.Ski resorts allow you to rent skis and other necessary equipment, so you do not have to buy your own equipment at once, which is associated with a considerable expense.An important advantage of skiing is the fact that different parts of the body are involved, which ensures even fat burning and strengthening of many muscles.While skiing, first of all legs and buttocks are involved, but the waist must also work.You can get even better results by training cross-country skiing.In this case, you do not need any slopes, because you can go skiing in the park, or even along the local road.In cross-country skiing it is necessary to involve upper body parts, i.e. chest, shoulders and arms, as well as hands.According to specialists, this sport involves 90% of the body’s muscles.During skiing, you can burn 300 kcal within an hour, while skiing at an average speed – 400 kcal.You can lose as much as 600 kcal for one hour.On the other hand, due to the intensity of running training, their length is usually shorter than when driving on the slopes. What’s more, skiing down theslope is usually not associated with a tiring effort, only with pleasure, especially if you train in the company.Of course, you can combine both forms of activity, for example, by going to the slopes one day of the week and training on cross-country on one or two days.It is worth mentioning that skiing positively affects the respiratory system and cardiovascular system.


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Skates are becoming more and more popular in Poland, due to the constantly increasing number of ice rinks.As in the case of skis, there is a possibility to rent equipment in sports facilities.Avoid driving in frozen water reservoirs, which is associated with a serious threat to life.During the hour of skating you can burn at least 500 kcal.What is very important, this sport does not burden the knees and joints like many other forms of activity.You do not have to bounce off the ice, just push it away.Ice-skating models the figure and at the same time teaches you to keep your balance.It involves many parts of muscles, and many figures, including revolutions, help to slim the hips and waist.Contrary to appearances, this is not a difficult discipline.Ride can be learned at any age.Remember to bend your legs and slightly bend the figure forward.The ice is reflected in the inside of the foot.


On the snowboard you can also start riding at any age.Science involves a lot of physical effort, and movement is what everybody who wants to get rid of overweight needs.During an hour’s drive more than 500 kcal are burned.Snowboard primarily involves the muscles of the calves and thighs.The result of training is not only the weight loss, but also the improvement of motor coordination.Although mastering basic skills is not difficult, failures can not be avoided.In this situation, first of all, protect the face, but avoid using hands, because of the risk of damage to the wrists.


Although sleds are considered to be fun for children, adults should also remember them.It’s a form of entertainment, and at the same time a good way to get rid of excessive kilos.All you have to do is find a hill in the area from which you can safely descend.Although the congress itself is not an effort, fat burning promotes climbing the hill.Sledge is an ideal proposition for the whole family.Thanks to them you can train and at the same time spend time with your loved ones.

Proper preparation

Although winter sports help to maintain a slim figure, improve fitness and endurance and have a positive effect on mental well-being, it is necessary to prepare them properly to avoid diseases and injuries.Buying or renting the right equipment is not enough.An appropriate role plays an important role.Low temperatures are conducive to cooling down the body, so you should stock up thermoactive clothing.For outdoor training it is worth taking something warm to drink with you.A proper warm-up is also necessary, lack of which can result in serious injuries.Many injuries can be avoided with appropriate protectors.

In summary, there are many sports that you can only do in the winter.During such training, the body burns many calories.Additional benefits are also important, such as improving strength and coordination.Before each workout, however, it is necessary to prepare properly, taking into account weather conditions.


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Posted on: December 20, 2018

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