Why women should train with weights?


Training for women – introduction

Many women limit their activity to fitness, yoga, running, swimming and sometimes use lightweight dumbbells. Then the time comes to think about why other ladies can enjoy a firm, slender figure, and I do not. The problem lies in the lack of weight in the training plan. Women who have found out that they are carrying more weight at the gym, unanimously say that they feel not only stronger, but also younger. Today, we will overthrow the myths, we will show the advantages of using an additional burden in the training of women.


Why weight lifting is important?




The first and for many the most important advantage is faster fat burning. The more muscles we manage to work out, the more calories you burn while resting. Thus, the muscles accelerate metabolism, which allows more effective loss of body fat.



Most women do not think about it yet, but research has shown that weight lifting improves bone density. This in turn will prevent osteoporosis in the future. You can apply this prevention now.



The strength developed at the gym facilitates everyday life. It will translate into the fact that you will be able to move the furniture yourself and take the shopping from the car without having to walk several times.



Better results at the gym, which are unattainable for some, allow you to strengthen your self-esteem. After all, if you manage at the gym, you can easily handle life.


You will not become male!

Many women avoid weight-training because they are afraid of too big muscles and the adoption of a male figure. This will not happen! Women do not have the same amount of testosterone as men, and this is an anabolic hormone responsible for the increase in muscle mass. Taking into account the genetic conditions and possible additional supplementation, it can be said that to take on a male figure you have to want it. Just ask a bodybuilder about how difficult it is to gain muscle mass. Often they not only train very hard, stick to a special diet, but watch their progress to make the training plan as effective as possible. By squats with a barbell you will not get huge muscles!

Many women opt for strength training and the vast majority of them do not complain about their figure. Your fears are therefore unfounded. Typically, in women, 3-5 training sessions per week are included, including general exercise exercises with weight. They include a deadlift, barbell squats, kettlebell exercises, push and pull movements, and intervals.

An important issue when doing strength training is to involve as many muscle groups as possible to burn fat and evenly expand it, slimming the figure. Avoid isolated exercises so that you do not notice the increase in the selected lot.

Of course, equally important is the diet in which you should see protein, healthy fats and vegetables, which will allow each woman to lose unnecessary kilograms and highlight beautiful, firm muscles. However, this is an individual matter and it is wise to listen to your own body, following its instructions.


Training for women

Perhaps you have already convinced yourself and decide to exercise with the weight. The following spread is intended for use three times a week by women beginners. This will allow you to get to know your strength potential and start transforming your body. Remember to warm up the whole body before each workout.

Posted on: November 21, 2018

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