Why is it worth to train aqua aerobics?


Aqua aerobics is a variation of aerobics, which consists in performing a sequence of exercises in water. In Poland, this type of classes can be found at almost every pool. Are you wondering whether to start aqua aerobics? There is no time to lose! Thanks to this activity, you will lose weight and lose a lot of centimeters in the circumferences of your body! 


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What does aqua aerobic give and what effects? 

Aqua aerobics is nothing but classic group training, with the difference that it is entirely performed in water. Exercises of medium intensity perfectly sculpt muscles, burn fat tissue, improve the efficiency of the body, and also reduce cellulite. What distinguishes aqua aerobics from classic gym classes is the fact that water resistance is used during exercise, which increases the effort of the person exercising. This results in a mass of burnt calories and improved body firmness. 

Who aqua aerobics for? 

Aqua aerobics is always run by a qualified instructor who suggests how to properly do individual exercises. That is why every beginner can benefit from this form of activity. Classes last about 45 minutes and best of all – you do not feel tired during them! 

This form of activity is recommended primarily to obese people, with problems with the spine and in the elderly, because in the water the body load is not as big as during gym exercises. For this reason, aqua aerobics can be considered as one of the safest and least-contending types of sport. 


What instruments are used during aqua aerobics? 

It really depends on the trainer. The most frequently used instruments include swimming boards, polyurethane rollers (so-called pasta), balls, buoyancy belts and even foam dumbbells. Although they are very light equipment, real fun begins only when you have to practice with these underwater equipment! We guarantee that this task is not easy. 


What are the benefits of aqua aerobics for health? 

promotes weight loss 

increases the body’s efficiency 

relieves and increases joint mobility 

improves circulation 

increases the density of muscle tissue 

oxygenates the body 

improves well-being 


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Posted on: April 10, 2019

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