Why is it worth to start slimming in the winter?


It is believed that winter is the period when it is the easiest to gain weight.This is facilitated by less activity associated with low temperatures, as well as a greater appetite for food than during warm spring and summer days.It seems, therefore, that this is not the best time to start a reduction diet.However, is translating the diet into spring a good idea?

The sooner the better

Delaying weight loss can have negative effects, especially in the case of high overweight.Excessive kilograms are conducive to many diseases, so you should start fighting with them as soon as possible instead of allowing yourself to continue to gain weight.It is worth considering whether the upcoming winter is not just another excuse that should allow further avoiding weight loss.You also need to realize that the relationship between season and life is exaggerated.We are exposed to fattening temptations throughout the year.In the summer it is difficult to refrain from eating ice-cream with whipped cream or drinking a chilled cola.Holidays are also associated with served in decadent bars fried fish with fries and colorful drinks, which provide a lot of calories and negatively affect metabolism.It is also not true that in winter the body’s energy demand is greater than in the summer.If this were the case, eating more food would not lead to weight gain.


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Active winter

It is hard to deny that low temperatures and snow do not encourage people to leave the house and take part in outdoor activities.If we want to start jogging, it is better to do it in the spring, so that after a few days do not be discouraged by this form of activity.In winter, it’s best to practice in your own home or sign up for classes in a fitness club, for example.Those who do not have low temperatures may choose winter sport, such as skiing or ice-skating.There are many ways to be active in the winter, which is why frost and snow can be considered as another excuse.

Caution during holidays

Christmas is a particularly difficult period for those seeking to reduce weight.This is the time when the tables are full of tasty but also fattening food.Dumplings, bigos, cheesecake, gingerbread … This is only part of the typical Christmas delicacies.It is a success, therefore, not to cover yourself during these few days.To avoid this, several rules must be followed.First of all, it’s worth to put in very small portions, so that trying many dishes will not have such negative effects.Secondly, during holidays, you need to get as much traffic as possible.Instead of spending the whole day at the table or watching the same movie again, you can go for a long walk or get some exercise at home.Thirdly, you should take care of your metabolism to make it easier to digest the food you eat.Some spices and supplements that support metabolism can help.

Take care of immunity

Winter is conducive to colds, flu and many other illnesses.The risk of getting sick increases if the diet lacks certain nutrients that are associated with immunity.With high frosts, it is better not to use a low-carbohydrate diet because sugars are a very important source of energy at the time.However, avoid eating at dinner.Also omega-3 fatty acid products can not be omitted in the menu.Strengthening immunity will also help in eating warm breakfasts.You should therefore give up yogurt from the fridge and cool sandwiches, replacing them with, for example porridge with fruit, millet with apple and cinnamon or a light omelette.

In conclusion, it’s best to start slimming when we realize that our weight is too high.Postponing the diet has no logical reason, because you must fight with temptations regardless of the time of year, and you can train even without leaving your home.However, it is worth adjusting the diet to weather conditions to strengthen your immunity and avoid diseases.



Posted on: December 21, 2018

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