Why do men lose weight faster than women?


As you know, the rate of weight reduction depends primarily on the diet, physical activity and individual metabolic rate, which is influenced, inter alia, by the state of health.Some may be surprised by the information that the effects of weight loss are also dependent on gender.It turns out that burning excess fat is easier if you are a man.The bad news for women is that it is impossible to change this unfavorable situation.However, one can present reasons why men have smaller weight loss problems.

Fat tissue

The fat content in women is different than in men.In men, excess fat accumulates mainly in the abdominal cavity, while in women around the hips and buttocks.Admittedly, abdominal obesity (android) poses a greater threat to health and life, but the burning of adipose tissue is easier than in the case of gynoid obesity.


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Muscle tissue

Weight loss also affects the content of muscle tissue.The more muscles, the faster the basic metabolism, and this is a good metabolism is the greatest ally of weight loss.The content of muscle tissue in a man’s body is greater than in a woman.In thecase of adult men, muscles constitute about 35-45% of the body composition, while in an adult woman the muscle tissue constitutes approximately 29-39% of the total body weight.The content of muscle tissue, apart from sex, is also affected by age and physical activity.It is worth mentioning that slimming can contribute to the reduction of muscle tissue.To avoid this, you need to remember about proper nutrition before and after training. The supplementation of proteins and carbohydrates is of particular importance. Supplements containing ingredients that counteract catabolism may also help.

Hormonal changes

Hormones also influence the rate of weight loss.In women, hormone levels change during the menstrual cycle.Some women before menstruation feel nervous tension, which is a frequent cause of snacking, which is why perseverance on the diet may cause special difficulties.The menopause is a breakthrough in a woman’s life.The hormonal changes associated with it cause problems with maintaining a slim figure.Weight gain can be prevented by changing eating habits and increasing activity.The caloric demand in postmenopausal women is slightly lower and this should be taken into account when arranging the menu.The negative effects of lowering hormones can be reduced by taking phytoestrogens – organic compounds found in plants that have similar effects to estrogens.

Although the rate of fat burning in men is slightly faster than in women, gender is not the most important factor affecting the effects of weight loss.The most important are the right diet and movement and strong will, without which it is impossible to persevere on the reduction diet for a long time.


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Posted on: January 2, 2019

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