Whole 30 diet, or how to lose weight in a month


Give us thirty days and we will change your life once and for all – the Whole30 diet plan promises.And they argue that a month of nutrition regime is enough to make overweight and many health problems disappear.

The Whole30 diet, though invented 7 years ago, is now gaining lots of supporters, and on all continents.Probably because it is based on many assumptions of the very popular paleo diet, or the way of feeding prehistoric hunters.It is also consistent with the slow life trend, which excludes fast food.The creators of Whole30 are Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, American sports nutritionists.In their opinion, strict observance of the program they invented speeds up the metabolism and, above all, helps in abandoning bad eating habits.That is why even after the ending, the yo-yo effect does not appear.During the program, you can lose even a dozen kilos.Much depends on the initial state.People who are overweight will be losing unnecessary kilos faster.Those who would just want to sculpt the body before a vacation must show greater patience.However, the weight loss is supposed to be a side effect.It’s really about improving your health.


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Whole30 diet principles

The Whole30 diet lasts 30 days.During this time, you are full and you do not count calories – these are the advantages of the program.You eat three meals a day, without any snacks.Unfortunately, you can only pay with strictly defined products.And the list of disallowed is quite long (see box below).The biggest problem is learning to compose a completely new menu without sandwiches, pasta, rice or dumplings.There is no mention of universally recognized supradrowina porridge.While in most diets you can use sweeteners, here on the black list are even natural sweeteners such as honey, birch sugar or stevia.

Contrary to appearances, the Whole30 diet does not mean a monotonous diet.It’s worth experimenting and modifying your favorite recipes using the list of allowed products.Spaghetti will be equally delicious, if you make them from a macaroni pumpkin (you can buy a special spiral spaghetti to make spaghetti from various vegetables), favorite traditional fries can be made from sliced, sprinkled with olive oil and baked sweet potatoes.You can eat minced chops and schnitzels without any restrictions, but without breadcrumbs.As diet promoters assure, just a little creativity and … a fridge full of good products.




Whole30 diet – what can you eat and what not?


meat, seafood, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, coconut and rapeseed oil, clarified butter, each vinegar (including wine, balsamic, rice), as long as there is no sugar or malt , salt


dairy products, grains, sugar and products containing sugar, honey, maple syrup and agave syrup, artificial and natural sweeteners, alcohol, legumes (peas, beans, peas, chickpeas, broad beans), sweetcorn, preservatives and food additives


coffee, tea, natural fruit juices without added sugar, water and coconut water


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Condition 1 diet start day by day

The Whole30 diet is not gradual.From day to day, you have to say stop and radically change the menu and eating habits.If you manage to persevere 30 days without deviations and small sins, you will also end up with unhealthy habits, and at the same time rebuild a healthy metabolism, improve the functioning of the digestive system, and strengthen the immune system.Internet users who share their experiences in forums, also write that they managed to get rid of many troublesome ailments such as hypertension, elevated blood glucose, acne and allergies.Chronic fatigue, migraines often disappear and problems with the cycle in women.As the creators of the diet explain, it is because the products limiting and acidifying the body (sugar) are limited to a minimum, and instead there is a lot of anti-inflammatory properties of fatty fish, oil, nuts and seeds, as well as vegetables.

Condition 2 stick to the rules

Whole30 diet does not allow the smallest deviations.Just one bite of bread, a bit of milk for coffee or a bit of honey and you have to start the whole process from scratch.Therefore, you need to prepare a menu for a few days in advance for 5-6 consecutive days, and then make a shopping list.But then all you have to do is stick to your prepared entries.

Exit from the Whole30 diet

After 30 days, the safest for the well-being and figure is the gradual and in small amounts incorporate groats in the diet, pods (partly replacing them with meat) and fermented milk drinks.Without regret and harm to health and well-being, you can give up sugar and all flavors.Simple food is the healthiest.

Whole 30 diet – dieters’ doubts

The Whole30 diet can be considered as the elimination of sugar and artificial food additives, but it is certainly not a diet that takes into account the generally accepted principles of healthy eating.The number of meals is lower (three instead of five) and other than the recommended proportions of nutrients.The amount of meat exceeds the nutritional standards many times – according to doctors and dietitians, two servings a week are enough, in the Whole30 diet meat is eaten daily, sometimes even several times a day.Probably not without an impact is the fact that the creators of diets are specialists in the nutrition of athletes who need more protein to build muscle.But due to these proportions, it should not be used by pregnant and nursing women, as well as people with kidney disease, adolescents and the elderly.

Whole 30 diets should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, as well as people with kidney disease, adolescents and the elderly.

Another reservation of the Whole30 diet does not provide dairy products, which is a great source of calcium, as well as probiotic bacteria, necessary to build the proper intestinal flora.A certain mitigating circumstance is its duration.No serious shortages should occur for 30 days.

Do not dare weigh

What counts is what the centimeter shows, not the weight.The Whole30 program even prohibits weighing during a diet – it is enough to do it on the first and last day.


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Posted on: January 11, 2019

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