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Milk is a valuable component of calcium, protein and many vitamins. There are of course other sources of these ingredients so drinking milk is not necessary. However, many people love the taste of porridge on milk, latte on milk or strawberry-milk cocktail. All supporters of the white drink should know which milk to choose, which is why we have created this article to help you choose a little.

Milk milk uneven

The healthiest comes from grass-fed cows, not cereals, which unfortunately happens in most modern farms. We will omit the deliberate fact that usually farm animals are undergoing antibiotic therapy and hormonal stimulation today. This is not the material. We will only deal with milk as such, without taking into account what in such milk may be due to human intervention. Let’s look at the difference between milk and cows grazed on meadows and fed with hay from those cultivated in closed farms.

Milk from naturally fed cows contains 5 times more CLA than milk from cows fed on cereals. It also contains 5 times more omega-3 fatty acids. This makes it conducive to maintaining proper body weight and health of the cardiovascular system, and also reduces the risk of developing cancer. It is also richer in vitamins A and D and calcium.

And here the digression of vitamins A and D are absorbed only in the presence of fat. So what is the meaning of drinking skim milk? We do not know, especially since recently we have refuted the myth raising the high carbohydrate diet over a low carbohydrate diet and rich in fats and protein

Do not have access to milk from organic farming? At the same time, pay attention to the method of milk pasteurization. Avoid the product labeled UHT milk, and look for one that has been pasteurized by the HTST process. What is the difference? At the temperature. The HTST process consists of briefly subjecting the milk to 74 degrees Celsius, and UHT to heat it to 138 degrees Celsius, which completely eliminates all microbes, even those beneficial to health. Have you ever tried curd milk from UHT milk? No? Do not even try it – it will be stinky and bitter. In contrast, HTST milk curdles well, giving the opportunity to make homemade cheese and whey. The best way is to get the milk straight from the cow and this is due to the bacterial flora in it. Unfortunately, the UHT process destroys it.

An interesting fact is that the oldest farm tools for processing milk have been found in Poland. They are about 7000 years old and prove that milk was already present at human tables. These tools are clay strainers, used to separate the liquid components of curdled milk from its cut ingredients, in other words, from white cheese.

Milk has become a valued product at a time when animals such as bison, chamois, sheep and antelopes began to be domesticated, that is, 10,000-111,000 years ago, when the farming era began. This does not mean that before the advent of these times the benefits of milk were not used. The oldest evidence that the existence of lactose in milk dates back to 30,000 years – culture settled on the northern shores of the Red Sea already milked animals.

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Posted on: October 19, 2018

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