Where does the appetite for sweet?


Why is the sweet taste of foods extremely attractive to us? The answer is simple – that’s how the years of evolution shaped us.

However, while in remote times the pleasure associated with sweetness was accompanied by the consumption of vitamin-rich minerals of wild fruit, today the majority of sweet flavors are only a source of energy, without providing too much valuable substances for our health. However, after all, it should be remembered that the desire for sweet food is something natural and if it does not occur too often and does not lead to uncontrolled gluttony, do not be especially worried. 


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However, there are cases in which you must take appropriate steps either by acting on your own or consult an experienced specialist – a physician, dietitian or psychologist. The consequences of excessive and uncontrolled supply of sweets are very serious – they concern not only an increase in the amount of adipose tissue, but can be the cause of many diseases with a metabolic basis.

Too much sweets consumption – which is confirmed by scientists, also significantly accelerates the aging process of the body. It is worth knowing that in addition to the taste of sweet foods acquired in the course of evolution, there are many other strong factors conditioning our appetite for sweet .


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Posted on: April 4, 2019

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