When you do not have time for breakfast


Have you fallen asleep and want to give up breakfast? Error! We will advise you how to prepare an instant breakfast to eat on site or take away in 5 minutes. Most importantly – healthy!


Idea 1 – on the spot

Fruit cocktail

Blend in a handful of frozen or fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pear, apple), a few ice cubes (optional), 3/4 cup Greek or natural yoghurt, 12 cups of orange juice (apple, pineapple, etc.).


Idea 2 – take away

Quick sandwich

Cross-section of wholemeal bread roll. Put into it a piece of meat from yesterday’s dinner or 2 slices of lean meats, a piece of skimmed yellow cheese, a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato. Do you want to add flavor? Add your favorite fresh or dried spices.


Idea 3 – take away

Banana hot dog

Cross-section along the longitudinal breadcrumbs (preferably wholegrain), spread the interior thinly with regular or nut butter and put in a peeled banana.


Idea 4 – take away

Muesli on the run

Pour into a plastic bag a handful of muesli or nuts and dried fruit. Take with you an apple and a small box of milk or natural yoghurt.


Idea 5 – takeaway

A rich sandwich

Break the whole egg in a bowl, put in boiling water, and when it is cut, drain it on the sieve. Bake two slices of toasted bread, brush lightly with butter. Place one slice of canned tuna or a piece of lean sausage and a pre-prepared, drained egg, lettuce leaf or a slice of tomato. Cover the sandwich with a second slice and pack. Take any fruit with you.

Posted on: November 7, 2018

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