What weakens your metabolism?

One of the factors influencing body mass changes is metabolism. Fast metabolism facilitates maintaining slim body, while slow metabolism is its enemy. Many people think that metabolic problems are genetic. In fact, their causes may be totally different. Here are a few possible causes of inhibited metabolism.

Too little sleep

It is often repeated that sleep deficits have a negative influence on the functioning of our organism. Weakness, concentration problems, headaches, under-eye bags are the first symptoms of sleep deprivation. Not everyone realizes that slower metabolism may also be a consequence of sleep deficits. Moreover, in such a situation, disorders in releasing hormones responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiation occur and this leads to higher tendency to snack. It is worth paying attention to the fact, that not only the amount of sleep is important, but also its quality. What may help in maintaining the proper balance is a comfortable mattress and good pillow as well as proper temperature in the bedroom. It is also recommended to ventilate the room before bedtime. Scientists do not agree as for the necessary amount of sleep. It is usually believed that this is an individual matter. However, it is certain that sleeping for five hours is not sufficient.

Too much stress

Some people do not sleep exactly how much they should, as stress interferes with their night rest. Another consequence of stress is worse metabolism. When a person gets nervous, large amounts of cortisol are produced, i.e. the hormone intensifying fat storage. Constipations are a common problem among people living in constant stress. Nervous tension may be lowered thanks to relaxation techniques, activity and sedatives. During physical activity, serotonin is released, which is called a happiness hormone. If stress interferes with your daily functioning, it is worth considering to use the help of a psychologist.

Irregular meals

Another problem is eating irregular meals. The organism that receives food at even time intervals is accustomed to this rhythm and deals better with digesting subsequent food doses. When the time between the first and the second meal is two hours and between the second and third meal is five hours, the organism may have problems with proper food utilization. Certainly, this does not mean that you need to watch equal breaks between meals with up-to-the-minute accuracy. It would be extremely stressful and, as already mentioned, stress is an enemy of efficient metabolism.

Night snacking

Snacking has always a bad influence on our body, but if it takes place at night, the situation is even worse. Our metabolism is even slower at night than during the day. It means that all snacks eaten at that time are stored in the organism in the form of fatty tissue. Therefore, at night we should sleep rather than eat.

To little liquids

Our organism needs appropriate amounts of fluids to function properly. Poor hydration leads to slowing down our metabolism and constipations. It is worth highlighting, that mineral water is not the only good liquid. There are certain drinks that support metabolism and are especially recommended to the people taking care about slim body. Among them there are greet tea and peppermint infusions. Coffee is also a good proposal, as caffeine improves metabolism. Not without a reason it is a frequent component of slimming supplements.


Unfortunately, certain diseases may also be the reason of bad metabolism. If despite proper nutrition and active lifestyle your weight is still increasing, the reason may be, for example, hypothyroidism. It is therefore important to observe your organism and in case of detecting some disturbing symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Summing up, there are many factors that may have a negative influence on our metabolism and at the same time – body weight. We should not blame genes for everything and ignore the mistakes you make. Following the rules of proper nutrition, active lifestyle and healthy rest will allow you to maintain efficient metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

Posted on: August 20, 2018

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