What is the intensity of training?


The intensity of training is very important. It is the main determinant of the results we achieve, and properly selected for our purpose, experience and genotype, it is able to help us achieve any assumption. The change in intensity itself has a positive effect on strength training.


  1. What is training intensity?

The intensity of the training, as the name suggests, is the sum of several accidents such as the speed of movement, the number of exercises, series and repetitions, the break time between training sessions, single exercises and series, or reducing this time to a minimum by combining exercises in a series of doubles combined, tri series and giant series.

Of course, you can also include many other components such as the conditions in which you exercise and, of course, the load that shifts during the effort!

For those starting their adventure with the gym this topic is extremely important, although people familiar with this subject can refresh their knowledge. The head does not hurt from the tabernacle, especially when it comes to ourselves!



  1. How to change the intensity of training?

Earlier, some accidental injuries were determined which determine the intensity of training. The change of even one of them influences the increase or decrease of training intensity. Sometimes, to achieve better results, you do not have to immediately change the entire training plan for a new one.

Sometimes it is enough to add an extra series or shorten the intervals between successive exercises to achieve better results! This is not only a way to optimize performance, but also a preventive measure in the event of avoiding stagnation.


  1. Find the golden mean – what intensity is the best?

Too little intensity of training will make muscles not properly develop. In turn, too high intensity for a longer period of time may contribute to the fact that the trainer is discouraged from training, stops developing his muscles so gradually, he or she will overtrain or even suffer a trauma that will eliminate it from training for a long time!

The golden mean is to avoid being too low and keeping away from the high intensity of the training. The training plan should be tailored to your own abilities and, above all, to the training goal.

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  1. Change the intensity in your training

Continuous strength training, even with high intensity, which the body has already adapted to, is not authoritative. This means that despite the initial effects, when the muscles have not yet fully reconsidered the new situation and stimuli, further obtaining satisfactory results may be impossible in the long run.

Posted on: November 28, 2018

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