Weight training – the best training program for a slim beginner


Some want to change something in their lives and just start training, more specifically want to build muscle mass or lose unnecessary kilograms. Often, however, when entering the gym, a beginner does not know where to start or how to deal with all visible equipment. The following training plan for mass should dispel any problems.


Training rules for mass


It should be remembered that weight training is hard to work on. Based on multi-joint exercises with free weight. These exercises are very difficult to perform technically. The training rules and plan given in the article are intended for beginners who have already learned impeccable technique.


General rules for weight training

– the number of repetitions should range from 1-12;

– the number of series should range from 3 to 5;

– the number of exercises for large muscle groups is 4-6, while for small ones 3-4;

– breaks between series and exercises should allow optimal exercise for the person exercising and hesitate from 60 to 120 seconds;

– a suitably adjusted diet for mass is an indispensable element that will contribute to the efficiency of the work performed.

– diet + training gives 100% satisfaction with the results!


Weight training for beginners – which training method to choose?

Beginners find it difficult to choose the right training method. SPLIT training is the most often chosen form, which is a mistake. Training for beginners is best divided into


– lower body training;

– upper body training;

– whole body training.


Mass training for beginners – laying out a training plan

The whole training cycle should be planned for a longer time, eg 16 weeks (this is a macrocycle). Then you have to divide it into smaller cycles (so-called microcycles).

Before the first 8 weeks, a beginner will be training twice a week (eg on Monday and Friday). The training range will include the upper and lower body parts separately. Such a distribution will allow full muscle recovery.

Another microcatch will be weeks from 9 to 16, where the number of trainings will increase to 3. Additional training can be performed eg on Wednesday and will cover the whole body. Training for a 3-day mass will very well optimize the effects of exercises.

The development of muscle mass is often accompanied by a pyramidal load increase. This is a very important element, which, however, should not dominate the technique of exercises. At the end of the second microcycle you can reduce the number of repetitions and try to do them with the help of a trainer or belayer. However, repetitions with help can not constitute the whole / most of the series. This should be a maximum of one repetition for a beginner.


An example training plan for mass for beginners

Warning! Presented training for mass for beginners is intended for people who are completely healthy, not having any contraindications to the implementation of strength training.

* The repetition technique is the most important!

* The breaks should be adjusted according to the previously stated rules.


Training 1 – upper body

* 2 sets of x 15 pump repetitions attached (hand width at shoulder width)

  1. Rowing with a barbell in a 4 x 8 torso fall (after the 4th week of the 5th series) (see)
  1. Squeezing the dumbbell lying on a 4 x 10-8 horizontal bench (view)
  1. Squeezing the bar from behind the neck using a 4 x 12 Smith machine (view)
  1. Squeezing the bar narrowly lying on a horizontal bench 3 x 10 (after 4 week 4 series) (view)
  1. Bending of forearms alternating with 3 x 10 dumbbells per hand (after 4 week 4 series) (see)
  1. 3 x 1 min. Plank (view)


Training 2 – the bottom of the body

* 2 sets of x 30 squat jumps attached to the warm-up

  1. Squats with a barbell on the neck 5 x 8-6 (more)
  1. Sentences (chilled) with dumbbells in the hands of 4 x 10 repetitions per leg (view)
  1. Dead string on slightly bent legs 4 x 12 (more)
  1. Toes on the fingers standing with a 4 x * 12 barbell (holding the final phase of concentric motion) (see)


Training 3 – Full Body Workout

* 2 warm-ups included, max. pull-ups on the horizontal bar

  1. Pushing the load on the gantry 5 x 12-10 (after week 12 5 x 10-8) (view)
  1. Dead strings 5 ??x 8-6-4 (after week 12 5 x 6-4) (see)
  1. Squeezing the bar on a positive bench 4 x 8-4 (after 12 weeks 4 x 6-4) (see)
  1. Dumbbell elevation alternately 4 x 10 repetitions per hand (see)
  1. 4 x 10-8 dips (with weight – they can even be very small) (view)
  1. Bending of the forearms with a straight barbell held under a 4 x 10-8 trap (see)
  1. Raising your thighs to the abdomen in hanging over a 4 x 12 fixed bar (slow eccentric phase) (see)
Posted on: October 31, 2018

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