Unhealthy habits that you’re eating!


There is a trend that to get rid of excessive amounts of body fat should revolutionize the entire current way of nutrition and introduce healthy eating habits. The whole problem lies in the fact that revolutions are difficult to implement, the method of small steps is much more effective, which will allow for successive introduction of new and healthy habits and habits. Below is a list of selected bad habits, the consequence of which is the deposition of fat 


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Consuming meals in front of a computer or TV

– distracting attention from the contents of the plate, most often results in the fact that much larger amounts of food are eaten. Focusing on activities other than food also means that we pay less attention to what we eat – which is why we often choose unhealthy snacks and fast food. If you care about a slim figure – celebrate (if possible, of course) every meal. Scientific analyzes also indicate that food and digestion choices are influenced by meals consumed with the closest family or friends. 


Insufficient sleep

– insufficient time spent on night rest results in disorders in the hormonal economy, which leads to increased appetite and increases the predisposition to select low-quality foods. The right amount and quality of sleep is an important element in combating extra kilos. 


Faith in advertising slogans and marketing descriptions

– it often seems that we make the right dietary choices, eg replacing a sandwich with yak and vegetable chocolate breakfast cereal for children, because we heard slogans in advertising that talk about a healthy and nutritious breakfast that provides calcium and vitamins. Meanwhile, all marketing slogans should be treated through the prism of their knowledge of nutrition, and if in doubt, consult them on the forum or directly with the dietitian. 

Not reading labels

– the packaging of the product is also an element of marketing, the most frequently displayed information on it is to encourage us to buy. As it turns out, the fit product does not always have to promote healthy eating habits. A good example is fruit yoghurt and kefirs, labeled as fitness, 0% fat, and delivering significant amounts of sugars. If you really want to be fit – before buying a product, read the label carefully! 


Drinking large amounts of sweetened beverages

– it happens that with meals there is no energy surplus, which would induce the body to store fat tissue, but drinking large amounts of sweetened beverages significantly increases the daily calorific value of the menu. It is worth to unlearn the sweetening of coffee, tea and give up all colored drinks (including energy) or juices in favor of mineral water. 


Eliminating vegetables and fruits from the diet

– and replacing them with fruit or vegetable snacks, which in principle do not provide any nutritional value. Meanwhile, vegetables and fruits are not only a source of calories, but also minerals or fiber, so they should never be missing in your diet! Another serious problem is eating vegetables in the company of heavy, cream or mayonnaise sauces


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Posted on: April 2, 2019

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