Types of female silhouettes


That a woman has more fat than a man knows everyone. It is also known that fat during adolescence is deposited in specific places. Of course, depending on the genetic predisposition of a given person, we can have that fat here and there more, or have it. That is why individual types of silhouettes have been specified and differently named. 

Each type has its “advantages and disadvantages for each type of weight gain, and training and diet style are adapted accordingly. 



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Of course, the type recommendation does not eat sweets, avoid processed food, do some form of movement at least 3 times a week for every woman 

As for training, the principle of moderation also applies to every figure in general. 

General supplementation is described in a separate file and here I mark only the most suitable ones. 

Remember that the division is very general, each person can have their own places “problem related to genetic predispositions, diet history and health ailments. Often healing them causes that we suddenly change our silhouette. 

Four types of hourglass silhouettes, rectangle, pear (spoon), triangle. 

The most “feminine” type is Hourglass – fat is deposited in the busts and hips and thighs – a type promoted in the 50’s and 60’s of the last century. 

There are no special, general nutritional recommendations, the person will be thinner rather evenly both from the bust and from the hips while maintaining similar proportions. You have to individualize the proceedings to current needs. Hourglasses have a tendency to swell and a sensitive endocrine system. If an hourglass suffers from migraines, like in a pear, this may indicate estrogen dominance. Should avoid excessive spinning and running. Hourglass and pears are not the most common health problems associated with lightweight overweight. With a proper diet during breastfeeding and an extended time of its duration, the hourglass and pear have a chance to get rid of excess fat from your thighs and this is actually the only healthy way to these places. 


Representatives of this type of figures in dailies is Akneraj. 

A rectangle is a type of figure that dominates on catwalks, a woman is generally evenly fat without particularly predisposed places. Poki manages to maintain an increased metabolism does not have any problems with weight gain. However, when, as a result of hormonal changes, or with age, the metabolism falls in tydzie transforms into an apple and accumulates excess fat on the stomach, so you can actually treat these types similarly. Their ills, when they are slim, lack the bust as well as the butt. 

Strength exercises to expand the upper and lower body are very useful for women of this figure, who often have poorly developed muscle mass in general, which, after the end of puberty, promotes low metabolism and weight gain. Women who eat in the stomach, especially have to be careful about the quality of carbohydrates that they consume, and if other types of silhouettes can afford to eat something sweet from time to time, apples and rectangles should beware of it as poison and as dosage poison in cosmetic quantities 

Apples should like apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, herbs, dandelion, mint, chamomile, green tea and fenugreek


The representative of this type of figure in the diaries is Lejla, Wrong. 

Pear a very popular type of silhouette from an hourglass differs with smaller breasts and a tendency that during weight loss in the first place will be here thin. Wanting to get rid of excess fat from the pear’s legs, you must reckon with the fact that to achieve it, her upper body will be emaciated to the bones. 

Training should be directed primarily at expanding the upper body to balance the proportion. Pear as an hourglass should avoid excessive spinning and running (because this type of training has a tendency to push fat in between muscle fibers). Pear must reckon with the fact that it also has a lot of muscles in the legs, from the pears just derive the ladies complaining about the rapid “muscle growth from running, jumping, steper, etc … Pear also easily swells in the legs and has a strong tendency to” training pump and it has pronounced cellulite. The best way to train is to not pay attention to “muscle growth that is temporary and small and noticeable only by the tendency to accumulate water in this area of the body, the pear gains a lot thanks to leg strength training and should not give it up. 

Pear dreaming about the legs of the model is doomed to failure, should focus on improving the proportion and firmness. But the pear and hourglass have a flat, slim stomach and can boast a grating on the stomach without much difficulty. 

Good herbs for pears are nettle or St John’s wort herbs. 

Especially “lettuce-friendly” vegetables are all cross-shaped and these should be found in at least one meal a day


Inverted triangle, probably the most desirable, by women, figure nowadays. The triangle is thighs in the bust and generally around the chest and cancer. Has narrow hips wider upper body. Just like a rectangle, it also overstays your stomach and it’s hard to keep a small amount of fat in this place. Of course, on the principle of opposition, triangles should be strength exercises, try to expand the lower body. Both rectangles and rectangles can have beautiful, slender and shapely thighs and round buttocks thanks to strength exercises. 

Dietary recommendations are also similar. Both types of body must be careful about the consumption of sugars, because excess fat accumulating in the stomach is conducive to the development of diabetes. 

The drawing below very well reflects how the silhouette changes when we are in a certain area of the body, the upper body, the hips and in general. 


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Posted on: February 12, 2019

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