Truths and myths about weight loss


People who are very interested in weight reduction, are looking for different ways to help them fight the overweight.Not all of them are effective.There are many myths about weight loss.It is worth checking which methods of weight reduction support are effective and which are not.

Green coffee

Green coffee is a real hit among weight loss assistants.Producers of dietary supplements encourage to buy it, using photos, which according to their assurances show the change in weight caused by the use of green coffee.How is green coffee formed?It is made from the same grains as the black ones.The only difference is that these grains are not subjected to a thermal treatment, so they do not lose valuable chlorogenic acid.This acid reduces the amount of sugar absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, therefore the body is forced to use the previously accumulated inventory.This acid also contains dried plums, cocoa fruit, nettle, hawthorn.However, it should be noted that the effectiveness of green coffee and chlorogenic acid has not been fully confirmed.Green coffee contains a lot of caffeine that helps you lose weight.It is uncertain whether the effects obtained due to its use are due to chlorogenic acid or caffeine.Due to the taste of green coffee, you do not usually drink it, but take it in the form of tablets.People who drink a lot of coffee must take care not to overdo it with the total amount of caffeine.In the case of hypertension problems, it is better to reach for a supplement that does not increase the pressure.

Green Coffee


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People who want to reduce weight are often recommended chromium.Its operation is mainly based on reducing the desire for sweets.However, this is not the only task of this element.Chromium affects the metabolism and the liver’s absorption of free fatty acids, and at the same time reduces the accumulation of fat in the tissues.The effect of chromium on the appetite for sweets is related to the fact that this element helps regulate the secretion of insulin and maintains the level of sugar in the blood at an appropriate level.It should be emphasized that chromium reduces the appetite for sweets, but it will not help people who get used to something sweet under the influence of stress.Nevertheless, the positive effect of chromium on weight reduction is therefore a fact, not a myth.While losing weight, it is worth keeping the level of chromium at an appropriate level, and even increase its dose to 200-400 mg.

Chrom Activ


The myths associated with slimming concern not only the consumption of certain products, but also the use of certain treatments.You adore the sauna sometimes say that such baths help you keep a slim figure.Is it true?The high temperature prevailing in the sauna is not able to accelerate the burning of body fat, and also has no significant effect on the metabolism.Although after leaving the sauna the weight is a bit lower, but it is related to the loss of water, which occurs due to high temperature.Sauna removes toxins from the body and improves well-being, which is of some importance during weight loss, but diet and physical activity are not so important.Therefore, it can not be said that using the sauna makes it easier to fight overweight.This does not mean, however, that slimming people can not take advantage of bathing in the sauna.In addition to the already mentioned positive effect on well-being, the sauna strengthens immunity and supports the treatment of many diseases, for example arthritis or upper respiratory tract infection.


Another treatment, which is attributed to a positive effect on weight reduction, are slimming massages.The treatment consists of intensive massaging, compressing and patting.During this massage, the subcutaneous fat tissue breaks down and breaks up.The result of the treatment is even distribution of the lymph and improved blood flow.Is it enough to get rid of excess weight?Unfortunately not.Regularly performed massages support slimming, but they will not bring any results without diet and physical activity.However, it is worth to opt for massages because they have a relaxing effect and stabilize the pressure.


There is no doubt that an adequate amount of sleep is essential for maintaining good health and appearance.However, can the length of sleep affect your weight?In order to answer the question correctly, the effects of two important hormones, leptin and ghrelin, should be presented.Leptin is a horom produced in fat cells, the high level of which suppresses appetite, whereas ghrelin is a product in the stomach (most often when it is empty) and increases appetite.These hormones are therefore responsible for the feeling of hunger.In people who are not slept, leptin and ghrelin often do not work properly.There is a decrease in the level of the first hormone and the increase in the level of the second.As a result, hunger is felt even after a meal.What’s more, leptin decreases the insulin level, so lack of sleep causes an increase in appetite, and at the same time faster decomposes body fat.Admittedly, sleeping ten or a dozen or so hours a day will not accelerate weight loss, but sleeping can make it difficult to get rid of excessive kilos.People who care for a slim figure should sleep at least 7 hours a day.

It is worth remembering that you can not lose weight without proper diet and physical activity.Sleeping and using massages and using such boosters as chromium will have no effect if it is not combined with a change in eating habits and sport


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Posted on: January 4, 2019

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