Triceps training – 5 worst things when building triceps


Once you find out that the triceps is the key to gain the volume of the arm, and its training is not so simple, it is worth paying attention to whether you do not make basic mistakes in your technique that inhibit the growth and do not allow to achieve the expected results. Learn the 5 basic mistakes made in triceps training.


  1. You do not include shoulders bending on the handrails and a narrow grip

Many gym goers are busy doing any work with lifts and machines to isolate the muscle. Of course, such exercises should find their place in triceps training, but it will be difficult to increase their mass without bending arms on the handrails and pressing the bar with a narrow grip. These basic exercises engage the muscles of the chest and shoulders to work, so you can use a larger weight, and this makes them excellent mass exercises.


  1. You skip the movements behind your head

Some do not like them, others do not pay attention to them. Meanwhile, the movements in which the elbow is close to the ear and the hand goes over the head are extremely important in training triceps. Movements above the head have a beneficial effect on building the long head of the triceps, which is a significant part of its total mass, which you want to increase. What’s more, the muscle works then at a large stretch, where the voltage increases, and the work that will be done brings even better results. Each training plan should include shoulder extensions above the head with a barbell, dumbbells or a lift handle.


  1. You treat triceps, like biceps

We are still looking at the biceps and we treat the triceps arm as well. Meanwhile, these are antagonistic muscles of various structure (3 heads of triceps vs. 2 heads of biceps). Thus, the triceps will need to devote more attention, work, and above all time and thoughtful decisions. Triceps is bigger, so it is advisable to perform more series in his training. After adding exercises to each of his or her heads, they will usually be 2 – 4 series more than is the case for biceps training.


  1. Wide spacing of elbows

It is well known that the lack of control over your elbows may cause a worsening of the results obtained, as well as all kinds of overloads and injuries. In triceps exercises, keeping your elbows close to your body is extremely important. Meanwhile, many people either are not aware of it, either forget it, or simply do exercises to make them comfortable. The phenomenon is most offensive when we observe people deciding to pull the upper lift handle down. Lack of pressing the elbows to the body causes weight distribution to other muscles. As a result, we cheat ourselves, we take more work, but triceps does not use it as much as it can. Therefore, pay attention that the elbows are glued to the torso. Then you will find that you are not able to take as much as before, which will be the best proof of it,that the previous technique was not correct. Do the exercises correctly and you will be rewarded with faster and better visual and strength results.


  1. You do not block the elbows

Usually, we try not to block the elbows and not restrict the movement, but it is completely different blocking. The movement we use, for example, when pulling the upper lift handle should be made to the full extent. Triceps muscle fibers work the hardest in the last 1/3 of the final move, so it’s worth paying attention to this element. The correctness will here require a slow and controlled downward movement until the elbow is locked. We do not do it with impetus, we do not overload the pond, we focus on liquidity and the maximum use of possibilities.

Sometimes this elimination of minor mistakes can bring more benefits than hours of incorrect work in the gym. Remember that not always more is better.

Posted on: October 29, 2018

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