Training with dumbbells for inactive +35 and completely green!


I once owned a dumbbell and trained in an apartment, home, everybody who respects his health and the efficiency of a man.
this can be seen in old movies from the beginning of the 20th century.
and no wonder – because training with dumbbells was recommended by the strongest and best-built man of the world-Sandow.
Winning the struggle of 85 kg Sandow and much more powerful, more than 120 kg athletes spoke to the imagination and thus workouts with dumbbells became a way to improve strength, performance and musculature.


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later came the gym, the gym with ever more inventive machines and the dumbbell training went to the background ….

and completely wrong, because they are perfect equipment for people who are first contacted with strength and bodybuilding training.

and an ideal device for the age group of +35, for physically inactive people who can not break down to exercise, giving reasons for such a state of affairs – from lack of time, lack of gym, lack of space to practice barbells, brakes, lack of knowledge, condition health, etc. and ending with the statement-these trainings will not give anything … and the next thought-provoking arguments … ..

The training with dumbbells I suggest, all these objections are broken in dust …

because you just have to buy dumbbells in any supermarket – they cost several dozen zloties and try to start workouts. any place – you can stay in the apartment, you can somewhere in the open air, you can even at work during a break in a long hours at the desk, you can stop the car.
Workouts can also be done as gymnasts in the morning or in the evening, for the most stubborn – even during commercials in tv programs or during work breaks on the computer ….

the training consists of simple exercises, besides the dumbbell, it would be useful to have a stool, bench, table, but you can also do without it and some exercises will be made on the floor.

how to practice sometimes weekly in the beginning is enough (eg Monday, Wednesday Friday)
– we do the exercise in the following way – we do 10-12 retests (this is the first series) and after about 30-60 seconds we do the same exercise 10-12 retours (this is called the second series)

in short –
First week
In the first week of training, we do each of the exercises 2 series of 10 to 12 repetitions

Second week

increase training – we do each exercise in 3 series after 12-16 repetitions, we also try to shorten breaks between series to about 30 seconds

Third week

we are entering a slightly different level.
we train in the following way, starting from the first exercise after 12 repetitions, we immediately go to the second exercise and we also perform 12 repetitions, etc., until the last exercise.
We rest for about 2 minutes and in this way we do all the exercises again.

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Fourth week
and a little different again
first phase – we do training the same as in the first week, each exercise in two series but already after 16-20 retreats

after finishing phase I, we move to
the second phase we are doing workout with the way from the third week – depending on the condition we can do it only once (one circuit) or once again repeat (second circuit)

the way of breathing is very important – we breathe smoothly in accordance with the movements of the chest – as the chest expands – we breathe in, how to breathe – exhale. there is no breath holding – here are small weights.

The method of performing individual exercises is demonstrated by Krzysztof (57) from the Dawid engine in Poznań – gym friendly for + 35, care of 2 experienced instructors (both +45)

a set of exercises

0. warm-running in place, steper, exercise bike, etc. 5 min.
1. torso lumps with dumbbells on the chest 2×10-12
2. tilt rings dumbbells on the chest 2 x 10-12 drwalskie 2 x 10-12
4. squats with dumbbells, arms along the trunk 2 x 10-12
5. fingers for 1 x 20 fingers
6. lifting the dumbbell in the sling tummy-dumbbell II 2 x 10-12
7. drawing up a 2 x 10-12 female member
8. moving the bar to the front and back 1 x 20 (10 full turns)
9. squeezing the dumbbell alternately standing (or sitting on a 2 x 10-12 table)
10.dances of dumbbells in the bend2 x 10-12
11. dumbbells sideways 2 x 10-12
12. pressing the dumbbell alternately 2 x 10-12
13. biceps dumbbells alternately, neutral 2 x 10-12
14. the triceps in the fold (ramin extensions) 2 x 10-12
15.brake standing alternately right knee to the left knee and the other side 2 x 10-12

Posted on: January 21, 2019

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