Training for a 3-day sculpture for advanced


Training during the reduction cycle is in second place immediately after the most important element – diet plan. Training for sculpture is also an important element that should provide the muscles with the right stimuli to discover muscle striations. Advanced people usually train at least 4 times a week. But what if we can not spend so much time on the exercises? Get to know the training for a 3-day sculpture for advanced.


Training for a 3-day sculpture for advanced – introduction

There are more and more advanced people in training rooms. All this thanks to more trainers, instructional videos, training, etc. Thanks to this, many people can learn the correct technique of exercises, training and diet programming techniques. While training a few years, by changing various diets and training plans, adepts learn about their bodies better.


An advanced person does not have to be required to train 6 times a week. Not everyone can find so much free time for training. But he does not disqualify himself from being called advanced. You can conduct an effective training for a 3-day sculpture and have effects as an advanced person. You have to think, be creative and listen to your body! Remember – a 3-day training plan for reduction is to surprise the body!


Training for a 3-day sculpture for advanced – basic principles

Training plan for a 3-day sculpture for advanced should include the following rules

  1. The training program should be spread out in such a way that the rest between workouts is equal, eg training on Monday – Wednesday – Friday.
  2. Breaks between exercises and series should be minimized – from 30 to 45 seconds.
  3. The scope of repetition should often lead to the so-called “Muscle fall” – from 12 to 20+ repetitions.
  4. 3 strength trainings do not exclude other cardio-type training sessions: running, swimming, cycling, team games, walking with children, etc.
  5. Training for sculpture should be varied in a super-series, combined series, giant-series and forced repetitions.
  6. The selection of exercises (polyarticular or insulated) should be adapted individually. Advanced people do not have to rely on schematics.


Exemplary training for a 3-day sculpture for advanced

Warning! The training plan for the sculpture is intended only for advanced and fully healthy people. Breaks should be adjusted individually in accordance with the previously given rules. The given training every 3-4 weeks can be done in the form of Peripheral Training, which will be a surprise and another stimulus for the muscle to grow and to remove the residual fatty tissue. An important element is also a suitably adjusted weight, which should allow to perform a sufficiently high number of repetitions.


Weekly schedule of training

Training A leg training + back muscle training + chest training + abdominal training

Training B leg training + shoulder training + triceps training + biceps training

Training C FBW training


Training A

Combined series

Pushing the load on the gantry 4 x 15-10 (feet spread wide, toes pointing outwards, fingers protruding above the platform)

Climbing boxes with dumbbells from hands (chest 50 cm) 4 x 15 on the leg

Climbing fingers standing with a barbell on the neck (Smith machine) 4 x 20

Pulling on the bar with a 3 x max

Rowing with dumbbells lying on a 4 x 12 positive bench

Attracting Hammer machine holders in a vertical plane of 4 x 20

Squeezing the dumbbell on a 4 x 15-12 horizontal bench

Butterfly 4 x 20-15

Raise your thighs to the abdomen, hanging over the 3 x 20 bar

Plank 3 x 1 minute

Torso slopes with links of the upper lift held by the head in the kneeling of 3 x 15


Training B


Leg extensions sitting on the 4 x 20 device (holding the final concentric phase)

Bending the legs to the buttocks lying 4 x 20 (slow eccentric and concentric phase)

Squeezing the barbell sitting (Smith machine 3 x 12-8 (rotation from training in the pre-workout / neck)

Shoulders rise to the side in a 3 x 15-12 torso

Pulling the upper lift cables towards the face 3 x 20

Triceps and Biceps in super-series

Squeezing the bar with a narrow grip 3 x 15-12

Straightening of the forearms with 3 x 20 upper extraction cables (holding the final concentric phase)

Bending of forearms with a broken barbell standing 3 x 20-15

Bending forearms alternately sitting with 3 x 15 supination on hand


Training C – FBW training

  1. Squats with a barbell on the neck 4 x 15-12-12-10
  2. Dead sumo trains 4 x 15-12-10-10
  3. Pumps with a load on the spine 4 x 20-15
  4. Raising shoulders to the side with dumbbells standing 3 x 20
  5. Dips 3 x 15-12
  6. Bending of the forearms with a “hammer” grip 3 x 15-12
  7. Classic crunches with a medicine ball held in front of the chest 3 x 20
  8. Plank 2 x left side 30 seconds
  9. Plank 2 x right side 30 seconds
Posted on: November 2, 2018

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