Training and diet for reduction


This brief guide is intended to help all those who feel that losing pounds is a hard time. 

Well, nothing more wrong! The most important thing is only a few things that I will try to mention in a moment, using my own experiences. 


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The most important thing is to know what you want. Choose a goal in the form of e.g. 

And in all, we should subordinate most of the matter to such a goal. 

Of course, here you should not exaggerate (in the style you want to have 5% body weight, or 50 cm in the waist). 

In general, it was about a more sensible appearance. Remember also that fat is not lost locally! And that’s because the back-up material is deposited evenly throughout the body (so it burns evenly). 

Seemingly – weight. But as usual, appearances are wrong. With the weight it is so dung that at the very beginning you can lose even a few cm everywhere, and the weight will not change, or horror will increase! This is due to the fact that the muscle mass is heavier than fat and the muscle mass increases from the aerobic training itself. So I would rather buy a tailoring subway (let’s say 150cm). 

We measure everywhere, that is 

And save the results somewhere from the bacon. We will notice progress after some time. One more important principle We do it for ourselves and not for others. So it’s best to take a picture of yourself and then compare yourself in front of the mirror. 


We plan everything! Primarily 

Maybe at the beginning it will take you a lot of time (with me everything was around 2 hours), but I assure you that it will pay off. And one more thing – following your own training, the diet is much easier than to “wrap” someone’s plan (which is almost impossible, because everyone should be completely separate). 


We arrange a reduction diet. We subtract up to 250 to 500 kcal. At the beginning I would recommend less, then subtract more and more. Remember that the diet ‘hunger’ in the style of 500 kcal, or ‘dump 9kg on the weekend!’ it’s complete nonsense. Perhaps after a few days of such gruesome murdering, we may throw off a few kilograms, but our body, unused from something like that, will prepare for another meal, which will end up in the fact that the next food will be completely changed into spare material. 


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Posted on: February 11, 2019

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