Top 6 exercises with the use of machines


Despite the more holistic nature, free weight exercises are not suitable for everyone. Apart from advanced bodybuilders working on isolating specific muscles, machine exercises are an excellent option to start your adventure with the gym or break the training routine. Below you will find the 6 best exercises using machines.

  1. Pulling the upper lift bar to the back of the neck

It is an exercise involving quadrilateral muscles, the widest back, curls, biceps and shoulders. It is a kind of introduction before pulling up on the stick, or its substitute for intense split training.


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  1. Pulling the upper lift stick to the cage

Variant of exercise No. 1 to a greater extent involving round muscles, serving primarily to expand the figure.

  1. Straightening of the forearms using the upper lift handle

One of the best triceps exercises due to forcing all 3 of his heads to work simultaneously. It can be performed separately, in a superseries with bicep exercises or as a pumping exercise.

  1. Bending the arms using the lower pull handle

Bending the arms on the ropes is a specific and interesting exercise, that requires from us a special type of grip, which is something intermediate between the crotch and the hammer grip, making it a perfect complement to the biceps training on free weights.

  1. Crossing the upper lift links

Exercise, which consists of crossing arms in a light twitch by pulling lines from both sides. It can be performed as part of warm-up and stretching of breast muscles, or as a final pumping exercise (with a 2-second hold at the end of the concentric phase).

  1. Pulling the belly bar onto the horizontal extractor

Exercise similar to the purpose of barbell rowing. It can be performed with both the trick and the snap. The goal in this case is to involve the muscles of the widest back and partially quadrangular muscles with the shoulders and biceps.


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Posted on: December 3, 2018

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