Top 5 exercises for the thighs


The most often overlooked muscle part in training is not one of the gym’s adept at the legs. Probably the reason is that the post-workout sore thigh is one of the most noticeable. There are, however, people for whom the week could not exist without training this party. What are the most effective exercises for the most often overlooked muscle part?

Exercises for the thighs

Thigh muscle training can be felt even for another week. Colloquially called “sores” impede normal functioning during everyday activities. There’s nothing for free. If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer a little.

It is worth training thigh muscles, because training such a large muscle group has a beneficial effect on the development of other training parties by improving the blood ratio at the level of cortisol-testosterone in the anabolic direction. Thus, training legs can even affect the development of the chest or shoulder muscles (of course, training them on another or the same training day), because the body is forced to intensify regeneration.

Top 5 exercises for the thighs

  1. Squats on the chest using resistance rubbers

In order for the exercise to be performed most effectively, it is recommended to apply a load of 40% of maximum force, taking into account the strength of the voltage coming from the rubbers. Remember to limit the amount of slack so that the rubber will have some degree of tension during the entire movement.

  1. Barbell judgments

It is an extraordinary exercise, which in its practical implementation has many varieties. You can perform them alternately and in turn on each leg, as well as walking. Also when it comes to accessories, you can use all kinds of dumbbells, kettlebels or sandbags. It is best to do this exercise in a place using the barbell held on your back. If you want to do this exercise accurately and correctly technically it is necessary concentration and awareness of movement.


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  1. Squats with a narrow leg spacing

Many people may have a problem with doing this exercise exactly. Narrow leg spacing forces you to increase mobility in the joints during movement. It is much more complicated than traditional squats. It will be useful to put on weight lifting shoes, which will have a beneficial effect on the center of gravity when doing sit-ups or stand with gentle raised heels.

  1. Squat with kettlebell (Goblet squat)

A squat with a kettlebell held in front of the chest is a great exercise for thigh abducting muscles. The most effective version of this exercise is the one in which the spacing of the feet is twice as wide as the hips. After doing the squat, the second stop is done at the bottom, and while straightening the lower limbs, focus on the thighs to the outside.

  1. Frankenstein’s squats

It is an excellent exercise of mobility in the joints, and at the same time balance during leg training. The name comes from the visualization of the starting position in which, like a zombie, hands are held up in front of you. Performing this exercise should start with the neck itself. Even if he is in trouble, it means that you need to do mobility exercises.


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Posted on: December 4, 2018

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