Tombak’s diet – what is the cleansing Tombak diet?


Tombak’s diet is a cleansing and slimming treatment, thanks to which, using simple, natural methods and without special sacrifices, you will get rid of toxins and deposits that poison the body, and also lose a few kilos.

Tombak’s diet is a cleansing and slimming treatment, thanks to which, using simple, natural methods and without special sacrifices, you will get rid of toxins and deposits that poison the body, and also lose a few kilos.Although some of these methods may be controversial, the diet does not lose its popularity.Check what the dr. Diet is about.Tombak

Tombak diet is a cleansing and slimming treatment, which is intended for everyone who lives under stress, feels constantly tired, struggles with headache and constipation.Its creator, prof.Michał Tombak – one of the world’s most famous specialists in the Russian philosophy of natural healing – argues that the diet will bring relief in these ailments, and also cleanse the body of toxins.


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Tombak’s diet – principles

The Tombak diet is, like the Montignac diet, a non-inclusion diet.Its use should not combine protein with carbohydrates.In turn, proteins and carbohydrates can be combined with neutral products – fats and products such as lard, oils, butter and others, as well as vegetables (except for potatoes that belong to the carbohydrate group).For example, if we choose meat for dinner, it should be combined with a lot of green vegetables.Jet is the best combination.

The break between a carbohydrate and protein meal should be at least 2-3 hours, with a carbohydrate-based meal preferably between 9 and 13

According to prof.Tombaka, after eating a traditional pork chop + potatoes, you may experience digestive problems.As Dr Tombak argues, this is because the wrong combination of products intensifies the digestive processes in the digestive tract.

The non-inclusion principle also applies to products from individual groups.Each type of protein or carbohydrates should be eaten separately.For example, when deciding on a protein meal, remember not to mix different types of proteins, e.g. meat (preferably to be baked or grilled, not fried) or fish can not be combined with legumes, and eggs with milk .Each type of protein should be eaten separately.Products containing this nutrient are best consumed at dinner, no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

A similar principle applies to carbohydrates, i.e. one should not mix different types of carbohydrates in one meal (eg bread with jam, oatmeal with jam), because it will increase the appetite.


Consuming fats should be moderated.The limit is 25-30 g (2-3 tablespoons) of vegetable oil per day and 10-15 g (2-3 flat teaspoons) of butter cream.


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Good and bad combinations of products according to Tombak – TABLE

  • product name the best combination of the worst combination
  • meat (all types) green vegetables
  • milk, starch, sweets, other proteins, sour fruits, oil, butter cream, cream
  • starch (bread, potatoes) green vegetables, animal and vegetable fats
  • all proteins, all fruits, sugars, acids
  • green vegetables all proteins all starchy milk products
  • nuts (most types) green vegetables, sour fruits milk, starch, sweets, other proteins, butter cream, vegetable oil
  • eggs green vegetables milk, starch, sweets, other proteins, sour products, vegetable oil
  • you can consume milk separately, you can get all the proteins, green vegetables and starchy products with sour fruit
  • animal fats all grain crops of all proteins,
  • melon always consume all products separately
  • cereals (wheat, rye, oats) green vegetables all proteins, all sweets, sour fruits, milk
  • legumes green vegetables all proteins, all sweets, fruits (all kinds), butter cream, cream
  • non-acid and medium acidic sour milk fruits, starch, protein, milk

Tombak diet – granulates the basis of daily diet

Tombak thinks that groats should be the basis of a daily diet.He considers the healthiest buckwheat, wheat, maize, barley, millet, as well as rice.They should be cooked densely, without a large amount of water and constitute 1/3 of daily meals.He also recommends a special method of cooking groats.First, rasp the groats, then soak for 3-4 hours and boil for 3-5 minutes in the same water.After this time, pour the chopped onions into the groats and wrap them, eg in a blanket, so that it does not lose heat and reaches 15-30 minutes.Before eating, add some butter or oil.

Secondly, vegetables in five colors

An important place in the menu should also be occupied by vegetable salads.It’s best to make them from cabbage, carrots, beets, fennel, parsley, salt and herbal spices.The salad should be simple, and preferably if it contains vegetables in five colors.You need to eat them before every meal rich in carbohydrates and proteins, then their digestion will be easier.


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Tombak’s juice diet – an effective way to cleanse

Tombak offers several ways to cleanse the body.One of them is the juice diet.It has in a short time to bring effects in the form of detox and the loss of a few unnecessary kilograms.Tombak recommends it especially to people who are very active but overworked and overloaded.By the way, it works for headaches and constipation related problems, and it can be used with hemorrhoids and stomach ulcers.

The juice diet consists of several stages and lasts for six days.It involves daily drinking of water with bitter salt (magnesium sulfate).During the day, to prevent dehydration and provide the body with vitamins and minerals, drink a blend of citrus juices.After completing the treatment for at least 2 months, you should exclude from the menu products containing white sugar and white flour, as well as jams, sweets, and preserved products.Try to minimize the eating of greasy and fried foods.Eat less butter, cheese, fish, eggs, meat.Dairy white cheese (not more than 50g per day) and curdled milk (glass per day) is allowed.Give up fresh milk.The basis of your menu should be salads, cereal, vegetables, fruits and freshly squeezed juices.


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