To deceive the brain, or how to quench hunger by eating less


Properly planned reduction diet should allow full satisfaction of the appetite.Unfortunately, people who are used to eating large meals may have problems getting used to proper food intake.One of the solutions to this problem is to use tricks that cheat the brain.

Smaller dishes

The easiest way is to replace a large plate with a small one.A slice of bread lying on a large plate seems very small, but when it is on a small saucer, it looks a bit larger.The same is true for other meals.If, after putting a portion of food on a large dish, you see that it is half empty, you subconsciously come to the conclusion that the food is too small to fully satisfy your appetite.You look completely differently at the smaller dish, which is filled with food to the very edges.This is an optical illusion, called the Delboeuf effect.The relationship between the size of the plate and the amount of food consumed has been confirmed in many experiments.

A glass of water before a meal

Consuming an adequate amount of fluids is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.However, drinking water can not only satisfy your thirst but also reduce your appetite.It is a good idea to drink a glass of water a quarter of an hour before a meal to partially fill the stomach.In this situation, you can satisfy your appetite with less food.

Eat slowly

The feeling of fullness does not appear immediately after eating a meal. Quick absorption of food will not make hunger disappear immediately, not to mention the other negative effects of eating in a hurry.If you eat slowly, the time between swallowing the last bite and the appearance of satiety will be shortened. This means less risk of choosing an addition or a prohibited snack.

In the case of problems with excessive appetite you can reach for appetite suppressants.Hunger is one of the most common causes of breaking the rules of the diet, so it is worth using all the ways to deal with it and not to obstruct your weight loss.


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Posted on: December 20, 2018

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