Tips for the party!


Remember that all parties are an undeniable threat to our diet and figure. Large amounts of alcohol, sweet snacks, unhealthy hot and cold appetizers – our body certainly will not thank us for that. How to deal with the temptations of a generously set table? What to do to make a crazy party not spoil our diet plan? We have prepared not only a set of tips for you, thanks to which you can meet the provisions of your diet plan and not gain extra kilos, but also a few fit recipes that are definitely worth trying out at the party (you will not get fat from such delicacies)! To work!

1. A day earlier, make the assumption of how much you can and want to eat and drink.

2. Be sure to eat something before the planned event – thanks to this you will avoid the effect of mindless throwing on food.

3. Perform an accurate reconnaissance of the table – evaluate which products you can eat and which you should definitely avoid.

4. Avoid sweet cakes, salty and fatty snacks, fried dishes; remember not to drink sweet fizzy drinks, always choose natural water in large quantities or natural juice in small quantities.

5. Bet on light salads, dark bread, vegetable soups. Eat slowly, bite thoroughly – do not throw on food!

6. Dance, jump, move – thanks to this you will burn some calories!

7. If you choose alcohol, drink in moderation and only “pure” spirits, eg dry wine, classic light beer, pure vodka.

Posted on: October 15, 2018

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