The yo-yo effect – what is it and how to avoid it?


You make a difficult decision and start slimming.The corner goes snacks and sweets, and your schedule has room for more frequent workouts.In a few months you drop a dozen kilos and you can finally enjoy a slim figure.Happiness, however, does not last too long.Although your diet has not changed drastically and you are still exercising regularly, the weight starts to increase.The yo-yo effect caught you.

What is the yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect is the definition of fast weight gain right after the end of weight loss.What’s more, you can achieve a higher level of body fat than before starting a slimming treatment.At first it may be surprising, because people who have taken the trouble to lose unnecessary kilograms, often do not return to bad eating habits and continue to eat reasonably well.Why, however, are you thirsty?

Hurry is blame

The yo-yo effect is a judgment that you can sign before you start to lose weight.That’s when many people look for miraculous diets to be simple, fast and effective.There isalso a perception that one needs to eat little to lose weight.With this approach, the yo-yo effect will be unavoidable.Why?

Exceptionally restrictive low-calorie diets will initially be successful. You will lose a few or even a dozen kilos in a short time.I am sure you know the stories of people who, after years of overweight life, got along with each other, decided to lose weight and in just two months dropped a dozen or even several dozen kilograms.It’s possible.Unfortunately, it has its dark side.

The dire consequences of starvation

Prolonged fasts do not remain indifferent to your health.Your body, having no regular energy supply from food, will switch over time to its saving mode.It’s an evolutionary survival mode that aims to increase the chance of survival.Your body does not know that it is your conscious decision.He perceives it rather as a threat with which he must cope.How?

The basic method is to reduce energy consumption (hence, drowsiness, difficulty with logical thinking, muscle loss, dysregulation of hormonal balance, etc.) and to maximize energy gains from food.This means that the body will be more and more willing to store the energy consumed for worse times.How?In the form of … adipose tissue.

Difficult diet returns

The yo-yo effect is the body’s response to a restrictive fasting diet.Returning to a seemingly innocent, balanced diet that is far from being eaten earlier is a huge injection of fuel for the body.It is difficult to preserve the effects of weight loss without gaining weight, even despite regular training.

It is even worse when you reward yourself for perseverance with another feast.This is related to the fact that in many cases we are slimming down just before an important event, ie wedding, holidays, prom, etc. Such motivation is very strong and will allow you to give up temptation.Practice shows that the next day after the wedding after the motivation there is no trace.

How do you avoid the yo-yo effect?

To avoid the yo-yo effect, first of all, you need to create a rational weight loss plan. Instead of strict hunger strikes, choose a small calorie deficit.Eat tasty and do not give up your favorite dishes, because psychological comfort is extremely important during weight loss.It will allow you to survive the reduction in a good mood and prevent attacks of uncontrolled gluttony.

Set a reasonable rate of weight loss, ie 0.5 to 1 kilogram of body weight per week.Thanks to this you will avoid dangerous dismemberment of the body’s work and you will be fully vital.You will gain strength for physical exercise, and your mind will always work at 100%.

Get knowledge about the calorie content of consumed products.Calories often hide where we would not expect them.The flavored mineral water is the equivalent of several chocolate bars or bars.Light products can have more fattening carbohydrates than their usual counterparts.Healthy and filling cereal or fitness muesli?Watch out because they can be full of sugar!

What about slimming?

An important factor in avoiding the yo-yo effect is the phase of getting out of the reduction.Losing weight does not end on the day when you reach your planned weight.When you return to your previous habits overnight, you will get fat quickly.Increase your calorie gradually, while watching whether or not you gain weight.It is also good to measure the circumferences of the body, especially within the abdomen, because looking in the mirror itself is sometimes illusive.

You must be careful about carbohydrates.They cause a rapid burst of energy and are the most easily transformed into adipose tissue.Bet on a balanced diet with a limited amount of carbohydrates.Do not forget about the protein that is necessary to maintain the muscle mass developed by training.Fat loss is a big success, but keeping weight is much more difficult.What is the key to this?Changing eating habits permanently, not just for the time of weight loss.

What is your point set of body fat?

Each body has a certain state in which it works best.It’s a kind of homeostasis encoded in genes that we should reconcile with.The set point of body fat will be different for each person, so keeping a firmly cut figure will be extremely difficult for some people.The body will always try to return to the familiar set point.Fortunately, this is only much if you want to get below 10-12% fat, which is quite a feat.For a good look, you can successfully keep about 15% of body fat, and still keep a slim figure.This will be much easier.


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Posted on: December 10, 2018

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