The Ultimate Diet 2.0


What is this? 

UD2, or Ultimate Diet 2 is a dietary training system that allows you to simultaneously shed fat and gain muscle mass (I would rather tend to say that it allows to minimize the catabolism caused by the reduction diet). The author notes that this diet is very difficult and demanding, you should strictly follow the recommendations of both training and diet. 


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Who is this system addressed to? 

This diet is targeted at people who already have a fairly low BF level, so if you have more than 15% (men) and 20-22% (women) of body fat, I suggest first reaching a similar level with the regular balanced diet , low carbohydrate or carb-cycling. 


For what purpose was he invented? 

Why is it worth to use UD2? The descent to 12-15% for men and 18-22% bf for women is not extremely difficult and, as mentioned above, you can reach this level using standard nutritional systems, problems start only when you want to go down to the extreme values of fat in body. It slows the rate of metabolism, catabolism begins to wreak havoc, hormonal economy is largely deflected. UD2 was invented in order to significantly reduce the symptoms. 

Diet in UD2 

The diet on which UD2 is based is based on the normal food that we get in the first-served supermarket. The author shares a 7-day training micrograph, for two periods in the first period the diet is low-carbohydrate towards the end of the week, going into a high-carbohydrate diet. It is easy to tell is a cyclic diet. 



In UD2, we obligatorily perform 4 strength trainings a week. The author distinguishes 3 types of training 

1. Volume training – otherwise emptying training, it uses a large number of series for a muscle batch (10-12), and a large number of repetitions with a weight of about 60% of the maximum, this weight will allow us to make 15-20p. The intervals between the series fluctuate within 60-90s. This training has the purpose of emptying glycogen stores in the muscles. in trainings of this tupu we can feel sharp burning in the muscles, if this effect does not take place we train too weakly and glycogen will not be emptied. 

2. Tension training – High intensity mass training. The number of repetitions in this training is 6-12 per series, the number of series is about 6-8 per lot, when it comes to breaks in training, it closes within 90-120s. 

3. Power training – Strength training is associated with a low number of repetitions (3-5), a large number of series (3-10) and long rest 3-5 minutes. 

Cardio workouts are optional for men and mandatory for women (if they want to get rid of fat). 


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Posted on: February 14, 2019

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