The plateau effect, why does the weight stop falling?


People who are trying to get rid of excessive pounds usually gain weight regularly to check their progress.The loss of body weight always brings joy and satisfaction, whereas when the weight is in place, sadness and anger appear, and often also discouragement of further weight loss.It happens that the weight drops for some time, but at some point this process is stopped.We can then talk about the plateau effect.

Weight loss at various stages of weight loss

Shortly after the start of weight loss, you can observe a significant decrease in body weight, but it is not the effect of burning fat, just loss of water and emptying the digestive tract.After a few days, the right weight begins.The body still loses a lot of water, but at the same time fat is burned.After about three weeks from the beginning of the diet you can observe a stopping of the weight loss, that is, the plateau begins.Weight reduction is stopped at the earliest in those who lose weight very intensely.You do not have to worry about it because it is a natural reaction of the body, resulting from a sudden change in the way of eating.The body has to adapt to new conditions, so you need a short break.The plateau effect means the momentary weight stabilization and this is a transient condition.Unfortunately, many people are discouraged to lose weight at this point and return to their eating habits. The sudden ending of the diet favors the yo-yo effect, therefore stopping the weight loss should not be a reason for returning to the previous diet.It is worth mentioning that there may also be another reason for suppressing weight loss.They are genes.The body can begeneticallyprogrammedin such a way that the body weight must be within certain limits.However, such situations are rare.The plateau effect is a transitional phase, so after some time the weight begins to drop down again.There are ways to shorten it and facilitate the fight against overweight.The most effective solution is to increase physical activity, which improves metabolism and forces the body to burn additional calories.You can increase the intensity of exercises or extend your workouts.During the plateau stage, you should also take care of the quality of your diet.There must not be enough protein in it that speeds up metabolism.Some people use a different solution for one day they leave the diet.This is acceptable but on condition that the next day you come back to proper nutrition, without prolonging the break.During the plateau stage it is worth drinking a lot of water and other liquids, because it is a very good moment to replenish the body’s water supply.As aid during the plateau stage, you can treat dietary supplements that improve metabolism.

In conclusion, weight loss after a few weeks of weight loss is a natural phenomenon.It is therefore important to avoid taking radical action, such as giving up the diet, and instead focus on activities that will make the plateau effect shorter.


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Posted on: January 2, 2019

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