The mythology of weight loss – is there a miracle diet?


A half of Polish women (52%) admit that in the effective weight loss they are most disturbed by the lack of strong will and consistency in changing eating habits. Therefore, if we have weight problems, we are looking for a miracle diet that will allow us to lose weight quickly and effectively. Is it always a response to a specific problem that prevents us from getting rid of unnecessary kilograms? Today, we refute myths about a miracle diet.

To lose weight, simply apply any diet. They all work the same way.

MYTH! There is no universal diet. The most frequent problems reported by Polish women are weakness to sweetness (35%), followed by lack of movement (27%), snacking between meals (26%) and irregular food (23%).

The diet used should therefore take into account a specific problem that is the cause of overweight or obesity. The diet of snacking people should put emphasis on regulating the time of consumed meals, people who consume a lot of carbohydrates must limit them and find healthier alternatives to their favorite dishes. A diet that has been successfully used by some people may not produce any results for others. According to the expert of the Personalized Weight Management Program, president of the Polish Society for Obesity Research, Professor Barbara Zahorska-Markiewicz. The basic principles of proper nutrition and weight loss are similar for everyone, but they also require adaptation to individual lifestyle and previous nutrition. There are no miraculous diets, and quality restrictions in the diet with longer use can be harmful.

 To lose weight, I have to completely change my eating habits. Diet means a feeding regime.

MYTH! Artificially imposed regime, will not work in practice. A good diet is one that takes into account individual dietary preferences. You do not have to give up your favorite dishes, maybe it is worth reducing the frequency of their consumption or portion size? Each meal should be composed taking into account different types of nutrients. Diet is a change in eating habits that you should love. Only then is there a real chance for success. All slimming people should limit the calorie content of food, including reducing the consumption of animal fats and sweets, and increase the consumption of vegetables and drinking water. The most important thing, however, is to find a diet that the person accepts and recommends that the new diet is healthy and pleasant – says Professor Barbara Zahorska-Markiewicz.


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The best diet is one that gives you quickly visible effects

MYTH! Diet is a gradual change in eating habits, which will result in a decrease in body weight. This is a plan that must be properly constructed and consistently implemented. Rapid weight changes can eventually lead to even more weight gain. The body must have time to get used to the changes. Fasting and backbreaking diets can bring the opposite effect to the intended one. Joanna Brzezińska – expert of the Personalized Weight Management Program. Diet is a way of everyday eating. Although you can be guided by certain proven and rational, universal steps in building it, there are no universal solutions. The diet depends on physical activity and the level of overweight. Her change is a process. Well planned, spread over time, it will bring much better and above all lasting effects.

A good slimming supplement will replace diet and exercise. Regardless of which one I choose, all work the same.

MYTH! Pharmaceutical products available in the pharmacy will help you fight unnecessary kilograms, but only if you follow the diet and recommendations for physical activity. Instead of looking for a product for everything, find out what’s preventing you from struggling with unnecessary kilograms. Maybe you eat between meals, there is too much fat in your diet or you can not do without pasta products, ie pasta, bread and why do you eat too much carbohydrates? Find the right ally and solve your problem effectively. Also pay attention to the composition of the product. Choose those that contain natural ingredients and do not cause side effects for your body. According to Joanna Brzezińska, expert of the Personalized Weight Management Program The use of medical products supporting slimming can increase the motivation of people who struggle with unnecessary kilograms. The tablet itself, however, will not solve the weight problem. Choosing an ally in the fight against slimming can not be accidental. It must be the answer to our real problem in the fight against overweight. It is worth choosing preparations available in the pharmacy, paying attention to the composition of the product, to avoid side effects for our body.


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Manage your weight and health
When choosing a diet, remember that

The personalized Weight Management Program is an educational initiative aimed at women who want to consciously manage their weight, and thus health and life.

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