The most important fact about slimming diets you should know!


Through the eyes of my imagination I can see how you just raised your eyebrows with surprise. The slimming diet does not provide happiness, and there is a problem with losing weight. Well, it is estimated that only about 5% of people after the use of the new, revolutionary method of weight loss maintain the effect over several years Most of the weeks during the year after the end of the diet. Why? 


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An endless diet cycle 

Slimming diets rarely teach how to function in the real world – it’s just a set of rules and restrictions for a certain period of time. People who use diet restrictions usually fall into a vicious cycle of an endless diet. How does it look like? 

You eat chaotically, irregularly and you’re fat – you start worrying about your weight and going on a diet – you follow strict rules and rigorous menu – there is growing frustration – you fall into the binge of binge eating – you are giving up your diet! 

The paradox of change 

The yo-yo effect is not the most important problem! Such a cycle also affects your psyche and increases lack of confidence in the body, makes you hate more and more. The paradox of permanent change is that you can only do it if you accept yourself. I do not think about forgiveness and indulgence! Acceptance allows you to look at yourself as a complete human being with understanding and respect. This is just a step away from the real secret of changing eating habits and lifestyle. 

Start treating yourself like your best friend and before you start another miracle diet ask yourself one very important question. 

Does what I want to do make my life better? 

You can ask the same question every time you want to change something in your life. If you are honest with yourself and take a moment to reflect on it, you will come to the conclusion that eating grapefruits from the morning to the evening is a seeming, positive change. Like a night spent watching TV series, or another cigarette you smoke to soothe your nerves. 

Slimming is not a series of activities, it is understanding and respecting the needs of your body. Only then is it possible to permanently lower the weight. Stop the wrong cycle of an endless diet and finally start enjoying life! 


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Posted on: March 14, 2019

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