The most frequent lies repeated during weight loss


Persistence on a reduction diet is a test of strong will.It is not easy to admit to the problems of keeping the decision about losing weight, that is why during slimming we tend to look for excuses and excuses, that is, to cheat.Such liars may seem not to be dangerous, but they have one very bad effect – they make it impossible to lose excessive kilos.

It’s just a small piece

Such a small portion will not hurt me – we say in our thoughts when we feel like eating a tasty but fattening dish.This can be, for example, a chocolate cake, pizza or chips.Of course, a bite of cake or pizza will not lead to weight gain, like two or three chips.However, who is able to limit himself to such a portion? A 100-gram portion of chocolate cake provides 380 kcal, 37.7 g carbohydrates and 21.1 g fat.Is this really not much for a person striving for weight reduction? To burn such a portion a man weighing 70 kg needs one hour of cycling or a two-hour walk.The situation becomes more complicated when we allow ourselves in the evening for a small piece.Then the body will not be able to burn the meal before going to bed, which means fat gain.

I do not need a sport because I do not eat much

The truth is I do not train because I do not want to.Can you lose weight without physical activity?Theoretically yes, but it is very difficult and time-consuming.Even if you combine a reduction diet with exercise, it is not easy to get rid of many unnecessary kilograms, so eliminating one of the elements of weight loss is not sensible.Spinning time (running on a stationary bike) allows you to burn 400 kcal.The hour at the pool is 460 kcal less, while the walk is 228. You do not have to bother with intense and long trainings.There is also no need to do sports every day.There are many disciplines and various types of training, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves.Instead of excuses, it is worth considering what kind of activity will be best for us.


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I can afford it because I will burn calories during training

Although sport is an important element of weight loss, it will not bring any results if it is an excuse to eat sweets or fatty foods. Training is to allow fat burning, so you should avoid eating meals just before it starts, and above all, abundant meals.Justifying your greed with future training often means that we absorb more calories than we can burn.

I’ll finish it tomorrow

This promise may be about snacking, avoiding training, and other ways to break the diet. Unfortunately, tomorrow is never coming. The situation looks similar to the New Year’s resolutions, which we often repeat year after year.The one who really wants to change something begins right now, in which he realizes the desire for change.Postponing important matters does not lead to anything good, and certainly does not help reduce weight.

I do not look so bad compared to others

The desire to give up the diet makes us start looking for all possible excuses for her decision.The easiest way to say at the time is that there are many people who are even more overweight.However, do not the predominant ones whose weight is lower?And are the tougher people healthy and satisfied with their appearance?It is worth giving yourself honest answers to these questions before deciding to give up slimming or a slight bending of diet.

The above presented lies do no harm to anyone else, because by breaking the rules of weight loss, we really only hurt ourselves. Overweight and obesity are not just aesthetic problems.This is one of the risk factors for many diseases that can even lead to death.


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Posted on: December 28, 2018

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