The most common lies you tell yourself while trying to lose weight

Perseverance on diet is a test of strong will. It’s not easy to admit to problems with keeping to the decision of losing weight, which is why we tend to look for excuses and justifying our actions, in other words, lying to ourselves. These lies can seem harmless, however, they have really bad consequences – they make it impossible to lose excessive weight.

It’s just a small piece

Such a small portion will not harm me – we say in our heads when we fancy that tasty, but fattening dish. For example, it could be a piece of chocolate cake, pizza or chips. Obviously one bite of cake or pizza will not make you gain weight, neither will two or three chips. But who can limit themselves to such a tiny portion? 100 grams of chocolate cake gives 380 kcal, 37,3 grams of carbohydrates and 21,1g of fat. Is this really little for someone trying to lose weight? To burn this portion, a 70kg person would need an hour bike ride or a two hour walk. The situation gets worse when we allow that “small piece” in the evening. Then the body won’t have time to burn the calories, which results in increase of fat tissue.

I don’t need sports because I don’t eat much

The truth is “I’m not working out because I can’t be bothered”. Can you lose weight without physical activity? Theoretically, yes, but it’s really hard and time consuming. Even when combining a diet with workout it’s not that easy to get rid of that excessive weight, which is why eliminating one of these factors is not reasonable. One hour of spinning (stationary bike exercises) burns 400 kcal. One hour at the pool is 460 kcal less, and walking – 228. You don’t have to go straight into long and intense workouts. You also don’t have to work out every day. There are a lot of disciplines and a lot of types of training, so everyone will find something for themselves. Instead of looking for excuses, it’s nicer to think about what type of activity will be best for us.

I can eat this, because I will burn the calories during workout

Even though doing sports is an important part of losing weight, it’s not going to give any results if it’s going to be an excuse to eat sweets and fatty foods. A workout has to enable losing fat tissue, which is why it’s important to avoid eating right before it, especially abundant food. Excusing gluttony with a future workout often causes us to absorb more calories than we can burn.

I’m stopping this from tomorrow

This promise can include snacking, avoiding workout and other diet breaking rules. Unfortunately, tomorrow never comes. The situation looks similar to New Year’s resolutions that we often repeat year after year. A person that really wants to change starts doing it as soon as they realise that they want to change something in themselves. Putting important things off will not lead to anything good, and it definitely won’t help with weight loss.

Comparing to others, I don’t look that bad

The desire to stop the diet makes us look for ways to justify our decision. It’s easiest to say that there are a lot of people who are even more overweight. But aren’t there more people who weigh less? Are heavier people healthy and happy with the way they look? It’s worth answering these questions truthfully before making a decision to resign or to “lightly” bend to the diet rules.

The above lies won’t hurt others, because breaking the diet rules will only hurt ourselves. Excess weight and obesity are not just aesthetic problems. It’s one of the risk factors for many illnesses that can also lead to death.

Posted on: August 17, 2018

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