The method of overcompensating nutrients


At the beginning I will say that this article is directed primarily to advanced athletes. The method that I present to you in a moment is inspired by the first stage of the so-called “Blitz Cycle” by L.Rea. “Blitz’s cycle is a quite serious method” coking only used by really advanced SAA users, too complicated to write about it here. A few months ago, after reading “Chemical Muscle Enhacement Rea” and many of his articles scattered in the American internet, I began to think about modifying it so that it could be used by people who do not use SAA. 

What was created, only to a small extent refers to its method – in the final version I used only a few basics, so what was created can be treated as a completely new method .. So let’s call it for now “Dezira method … 



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A few basics 

This method is a way to quickly gain weight at the moment when it is difficult to get it naturally … that is, good for all types of stagnation. So far, I have carried it on three people who train – the effects are really amazing, so I sincerely recommend reading – even if after reading you will find that there is no point in bothering her … 


To the point. 

While keeping a diet for mass, it is not really important what we eat – in fact what is important is what we can absorb and use for building. 

Do you know in what environment the largest mass gain occurs in the body? Unfortunately, not when we regularly provide the necessary nutrients .. Have you ever wondered why after a “hunger” slimming treatment there is such a rapid weight gain? Because the organism deprived of food was in a state of danger. When we provide little food, the physiology of our body changes so that every gram of protein, carbohydrates and fats is ABSORBED and PREVIOUS! That’s why after a period of starvation when you come back to ‘normal’ nutrition, you get in the way … accelerated. 

Until 10 years ago, it was thought that it was not possible to store protein in the body. However, this is not entirely true. Although proteins can not be stored as carbohydrates or fats, they can be stored in the muscles … you know what is going on? Just … muscle mass gain. 

This mechanism dates back to the times when we walked with stone spears .. thousands of years ago a man ate not what he bought in the butcher shop, but what he found or hunted. It happened that there were days and even weeks without food, and the organisms were adapting to the increased deposition of nutrients. And so after a week without a single calorie, something big and hairy was jumping from behind the corner … then a real feast was being prepared – for a few days hundreds of grams of protein were eaten daily, which was stored … you guess what will happen in a moment? 


Description of the method 

Since you’ve already learned the theoretical basis of this accelerated growth method, let’s take the practice. I will show you how I did it with my ‘guinea pigs’. 

First and foremost, you should lead to the so-called ‘controlled catabolism’. To this end, the first step should lead to a slight overtraining and lowering the amount of calories provided. 

In this case, if we kept a strict diet, we subtract about 500-800kcal from the daily calorific ceiling. If we did not keep it, we should lower it to about 1500-2000kcal … depending on how many calories we delivered daily. In stage 1a lasting 6 days, we deliver no more than 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. On day 7, in order for catabolism to not burn muscle, we can provide more protein (only proteins!) – up to 2.5 gr per kgmc. 

In Stage 1b, we train and eat as in 1a for 5 days. On the 6th and 7th days, we do not train. On day 7, we limit the supply of protein to about 100grams, but you should rest all day. 


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Posted on: February 13, 2019

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