The benefits of morning training


Many people, when they hear that he has to get up early, he says It’s not for me, I prefer to sleep. But this is not a good excuse. You do not have to break up in the middle of the night to practice. All you need to do is wake up every day half an hour earlier to get a clear improvement in your figure within a month. After a few days, you’ll find that getting up early will stop you from getting in trouble. Your body will simply change your biological clock and wake up alone – at the right time. 


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Advantage No. 1 – You burn more calories 

Strength training builds muscle tissue, and every new kilogram of muscles consumes an additional 60-100 kcal. How does it happend? Muscle tissue contains enzymes that accelerate fat burning. In addition, your muscles need more energy than fat – not only during work, but also when you are resting. Thus, thanks to the developed muscles, the burning process of calories lasts constantly and runs faster, the greater their mass. And in the morning you have more energy to exercise than in the evening. 


Advantage No. 2 – You gain a slim figure 

After a few weeks you will notice that it will be easier for you to get your pants up, even if the weight does not drop significantly. This is because muscle tissue occupies 30% less space than fat, although it is heavier. And this effect will sooner bring you morning training than evening training. 


Advantage No. 3 – You speed up the metabolism 

It has been proven that by intensively training with weights (at least twice a week) for about half a year, the metabolic rate can be improved by 7%. This means that if you eat meals of a total value of 2000 kcal during the day, after strengthening your muscles you will burn 140 kcal more, doing nothing! And nothing improves metabolism like eating breakfast and starting the day with a good dose of movement!

Advantage No. 4 – You have better humor 

Physical activity triggers endorphins – natural analgesics that are responsible for the control of well-being. The more endorphins you release into the blood, the better you feel. This condition lasts for several hours, so you can survive the morning stress in traffic and keep optimism at work. This is not the only benefits of morning training. It also helps to lower blood pressure and prevents osteoporosis. 


Advantage No. 5 – You have a guarantee of regularity 

Morning is the only time of day when you are free. Later, something is bothering you to take care of yourself. Studies have shown that people who started training in the morning, did exercises systematically even after a year, while others quickly gave up training for other activities. When you get used to the morning gymnastics, you will not be looking for excuses to avoid it. 


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Posted on: April 16, 2019

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