Summer diet traps like not gain weight during the holidays


There is a perception that winter is the most important factor in gaining weight.It is true that during cold days we are exposed to weight gain due to reduced activity.However, you can also gain weight at any other time, even in summer.Holidays are approaching, so it is worth taking a closer look at the situations that are particularly conducive to weight gain.


For many people, grilling is one of the favorite ways of spending free time in the spring and summer season.Although no one is thirsty from the grill seat, few people have the will to stop eating grilled dishes.Unfortunately, fatty meat products such as sausage, pork neck or sirloin are most often roasted on the grill.If grilling takes place once a month, eating a small piece of sausage does not pose a threat to the slim figure.If you grill more often, it is necessary to replace fat products with ones that you can afford during the diet.What can be thrown on the grate so that the time spent at the grill does not destroy the previous weight loss effects?Above all, fruits and vegetables.On the grill you can bake for example apples, bananas, peppers, courgettes or eggplants.Fruit and vegetables can be baked whole, but it is also a good idea to prepare skewers from them.Many people prepare stuffed vegetables on the grill.Of course, not all such regulations are suitable for people who want to reduce weight.Those who do not want to switch to fruit and vegetables should choose lean meats.Grilling chickenbreast contains only 92 kcal, while pork neck 233 kcal.Avoid grilling at beer or other alcoholic beverages, because alcohol is caloric and slows metabolism.


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Ice cream

It is difficult to imagine summer without ice-cream, which tastes very good and at the same time makes it easier to survive summer heat.Are the ice cream fattening?Opinions on this subject are different.First of all, it should be noted that ice cream is a fairly broad category.People who care about a slim figure should choose sorbets, because this is the most dietary type of ice cream.Sorbets are devoid of fat, and in one knob there is only 50 kcal.You can also afford a small amount of milk-fruit ice cream, but you should avoid the cream ice cream, which contains a lot of fat, as well as ice cream containing eggs.Often the problem is not just the ice cream, but additives such as toppings, dried fruits or whipped cream.Ice desserts are undoubtedly not for people who want to lose weight.


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Cool drinks

Cool drinks quench your thirst and help you survive the summer heat.In summer, a person needs more fluids than in the summer.What cold drinks are best for slimming?Certainly mineral water is a good proposition, but drinking it around is not very pleasant.Many people use carbonated drinks, such as cola or orangeade.Some believe that it will not negatively affect the effects of weight loss, because it is just a drink.Unfortunately, one glass of cola contains 5-6 teaspoons of sugar, which is just as harmful as when it is consumed with food.It is worth noting that cola light does not contain sugar, but it contains artificial sweeteners and the same harmful substances as in ordinary cola.Sweeteners are also found in popular flavored waters.This does not mean, however, that only pure water can be drunk in the summer.A paltry proposition is isotonic drinks, which supplement the level of electrolytes lost with sweat.You can buy ready-made isotniki, as well as prepare homemade isotonic drinks.At home you can also prepare your own flavored waters that will not contain sweeteners and other unnecessary additives.Just add mint leaves, slices of lemon or orange to the water.

As you can see, during weight loss, you do not have to give up pleasure, which for many people is an inseparable part of the summer.You can afford to grill, eat ice-cream and drink tasty, cold drinks, but you have to do it with common sense.



Posted on: January 4, 2019

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