Pumps on the chest – effects on demand!


Pumps are a simple exercise that can be done practically anywhere. Pumps are also a great diversification of chest muscles training. Great both during the pre-workout warm-up and during the last exercise to maximally strain the muscles and pump the largest amount of oxidized and nutrient-rich blood to them. Such a simple workout can be done even at home. You will not have to wait long for the effects.

  1. Effective pumps – technology is the most important

Pumps is an exercise rich in a wide range of ways of making, among others You can do them with the help of only one hand, by introducing an additional load, exercising on fists or fingers or trying to clap your hands in front of or behind you when you break your hands off the ground.

All training methods boil down to one – in each of them the correct performance technique plays a key role, because only this can lead to an effective increase in chest muscles.

During the exercise the hands are put on the chest level – most people make the mistake of putting them at shoulder height, which means that the front shoulder muscle acton is more engaged and the shoulder joints are burdened, which increases the risk of injury.


  1. Plan of 100 pushups good for beginners

Certainly many people have heard about the ‘plan of 100 push-ups’. It is a training cycle designed to strengthen a range of muscles responsible for the proper performance of even the bench press bench press. In addition to strengthening muscle strength, it is an effective way to develop better muscular sensation, balance and endurance.

If you have a problem even with 10 push-ups, this plan will certainly help you improve your strength results. The training system based mainly on pumps is recommended mainly to people just starting their training as part of a solid abrasion before heavier sessions, although everyone can use it. Only then the rest of the exercises in terms of intensity and volume decrease by 40-50%!


  1. Pumps – a great exercise for warming up and pumping muscles at the end of training

This is already mentioned at the beginning. Pumps are a great solution in the case of warm-up. It is not an exercise requiring strength and thoroughly warms all muscles responsible for bench press on a flat bench.

Pumps are also ideally suited to the stage finishing the chest training, which is to maximally compress the breast muscles while nourishing them. Then you can do 3 series of this exercise that bring your breast muscles to a muscle fall. This will ensure so-called “Cut” the muscles and provide them with the necessary oxygen and nutrients. At the same time it will remove the negative effects of metabolism resulting from the training, such as lactic acid, which leads to the formation of popular sourdoughs among athletes.


  1. Push-ups on handrails – how to do them?

People who have relatively strong arm muscles, shoulders and chest, can worry about the push-ups on the handrails without any fear. It certainly diversifies this training, and the exercises on the handrails ensure quick effects in the development of the cage.

How to make them?

Pumps on the handrails, depending on the technique, can involve more cage or triceps muscles. In the first case, a bit lean forward, in the second one take a more vertical, even perpendicular to the ground body posture.

Posted on: November 30, 2018

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