Psychology of weight loss for beginners


Many of us do not really like physical activity. While in childhood, running in the yard was fun, from the time of elementary school (for some) it was used as a punishment. Are you late for EF? 20 laps around the field, but already! It’s hard to like something that our emotions have perceived negatively over the years. 

In addition, society has a lot of requirements for a woman to be feminine, that is, muscles for men. Sweating is unattractive and non-feminine. If a woman goes to the gym, she grabs dumbbells weighing 2kg (maximum). Such a gymnast with a barbell is a babochłop who will succeed and girds grow like a bodybuilder. A yuck. 

Consider also the content of messages that the media feeds us. Do you see girls with a height of 165cm and a weight of 82kg on the advertising of the latest shoes (which will carve your buttocks yourself, because it’s so simple)? So running is for the slim (in full makeup and without a drop of sweat on the temples). A less attractive girl should, at most, be locked in a house with a DVD called “robobik for fluffy women”. 


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Even doctors and specs from a healthy society feed you with fatal convictions such as “30 minutes of activity a day is enough, just get off the bus earlier and instead of the elevator, use the stairs. And when you hear this, you are convinced that any higher intensity activity is beyond your strength. 

I have some news for you about physical activity. One bad and three good. 

The bad news is that without regular physical activity, you DO NOT KEEP the weight you have achieved thanks to (any) diet. Scientific research shows that weight drops among people who used the diet alone and people who used diet and exercise are actually the same, especially for women. However, one year after the end of reduction, up to 80% of those who used the combination of diet and exercise managed to maintain the weight achieved. Only 50% of participants maintained the weight in the group using only diet. Simple conclusion – if you are already on a diet and try as much as you can, do everything you can to make your efforts not be in vain. 



Time for good news  

The first good news is that physical activity can be liked with time. Studies show that many people begin to feel the inner pleasure of being active only after some time of regular exercise. After what time? There is no rule for it. For some, this may be the second aerobic class, some after a year of pricking into a pool recommended by a doctor, discover that during their vacation, they miss this specific feeling of tiredness. Therefore, if you start to marvel at yourself in the thought of training – there is a good chance that it will change over time without any special efforts on your part. You only have to practice regularly. 

The second good news relates to exercise motivation. First, a little theory. Motivations can be divided into two main categories: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Internal motivation comes from you – you do it because you like it. One in free time prefers to watch movies with Clooney, the other go to the disco. Because they like. Because they want. Because they feel pleasure. Unfortunately, few people feel pleasure during the exercise. Most of us do not exercise because she likes to practice. Most of us practice because I want to be healthy, because I want to lose weight, because the boy will throw her when he does not take care of himself. These are external motivations. According to Self-Determination Theory (self-determination theory) external motivations can be divided into four categories 


1. Autonomous motivation, I do not practice, I want to practice. I exercise because I want to lose weight. But I want to lose weight. No matter what others say. 

2.Motivation autonomously motivation because I want to lose weight. In total, my weight does not bother me but I know that according to BMI should be lower. Well, I want to be healthy and overweight is not healthy. 

3. Motivation moderately controlled should lose weight because I feel pressure. I like myself there, but my boy is looking at the girls who are slimmer than me. I will not go on vacation with Magda because she looks like a model and I look at her like a little monster. Well, I’ll start practicing. 

4. Motivated exercise I’m doing because the doctor told me to lose weight. 


The best motivation for exercising is, of course, internal motivation. But research proves that if we start to exercise autonomously motivated (1), the probability of regular exercise is very large – we will not give up so easily. The case is also not lost if the motivation is moderately autonomous (2). With time, it is very likely that the goals are integrated (accepting them in your own head as “yours and not imposed ones”). If you want to exercise / lose weight for the reasons described in points 3 or 4, the chances of success are slim. But you can always try. 

The third good news is that there are a few “tricks that will help you change the approach to being active and” create autonomous motivation in your head 

TRY DIFFERENT TYPES OF ACTIVITY AND CHOOSE THIS WHILE YOU HAVE BEEN THE MOST (OR WAS LEAST UNUSUAL) – you know that some types of (strength) training are more effective than others when reducing. But if you are a beginner, there is no point in forcing yourself into something you do not like or are afraid of. Start with a skipping rope if your choice, change of approach to other types of activity will come with time (and fitness). 

MAKE YOUR TRAINING AWAY – your body does not like stagnation. Muscles have their memory. Therefore, the training should be varied to “surprise your body with something. Change may or may not be daily. You can run this week, ride a bike next week. Or adjust the type of activity to the mood or weather on a given day. It’s important that you move. 

STOP THINKING THAT WITHOUT PAIN, NO RESULTS – this approach is true for girls who are regularly active for some time (over a year) and go down to 10% of body fat. Researchers in the 1990s have proven that women who start slimming have better results with two shorter (20 minute) workouts per day than those who exercise 40 minutes once a day. Why? There are three reasons – less chance of injury. Patients weighing over 130kg were able to walk for 20min without damaging their knees or hips. You will definitely be able to trot. The second reason – exercise and torture for many people are written differently but the meaning of these two words is the same. It is easier to withstand 2 x 20min of torture (exercise means). At the thought of 40times of continuous effort (eg running) I do not know about you, but I’m giving up today (and I like running very much). Third time – it is easier to find two 20 minute “windows for exercises on a busy day, even if you are in college or have children. Thinking about 40 minutes of exercise is associated with some of the whole expedition to the gym or swimming pool – and instead of 40 minutes they come out 2 hours. Do you have time for that? Envy. I do not yet. But go for a bike or rollers for 20min I can do it. Then a quick shower and again to work. 

EXERCISE EVERY DAY – beginners find it difficult to get a routine like Monday – Wednesday – Friday. Many people only need one training – they have much less motivation for the next one. “Because I have already written this week, I will start on Monday. Exercise daily changing activities if you get bored easily (“today was a bike, tomorrow trot and the day after this aerobics what Baśka showed me on youtube) and on Saturday or Sunday as a part of relaxation to take a walk (alone or with someone). You’ll see that soon if it happens that you do not practice anything, then you will feel strangely uneasy. As if something was missing here …. 

SET YOUR OBJECTIVES – short and long-term. The goals must be specific. “Losing weight is not a specific goal. “I will lose 2 kg in October or” this week I will run 200m more each day than in the previous one. Remember that goals must be real, possible to achieve in a healthy way at a given time. “I will lose 10 kg in October is not very real and in addition harmful to your health. Give yourself time, do not lose weight in a week, do not lose weight in a week. 

PUT YOUR REAL OBJECTIVES – if you have not practiced anything for the last year, running 5 miles can be difficult. And that can discourage you. Today, try to run 2km, which I say – 1km (the rest of these 20 minutes take a walk). And how will you feel that it’s too easy – then increase the distance / duration / speed. Do not worry if you can not increase the distance or speed from week to week. It did not go today, it will go in 10 days. 

DAILY IS CHALLENGING A NEW CHALLENGE – no progression without effects. Try a little more every day (add 5 jumps on the skipping rope). Sometimes he can not leave. And athletes do not always win. But sometimes it will come out, and then satisfaction guaranteed. For example, you can challenge your own beliefs once a week, for example. “Climbing on the wall is not for me,” the barbell is for the guys, “I do not have the sense of rhythm to go to zumba – these thoughts limit your possibilities and belittle self-esteem. Try these things from time to time that are “impossible”. And what if the miracle happens and it turns out that “this is it! 

RIVALISATION – for some people it is very motivating to win with someone else. This factor depends on the character and upbringing. If you do not like competition – do not force yourself to it. But if you like it, find someone who will want to compete with you. If you do not have such a person – report to the 5km course which will be for 3 months in a nearby city. And set a real target like “I will be in the top 20 in my age group 

KEEP A JOURNAL – (not necessarily online) Write down not only what you did on a given day to do / practice, but also feelings that accompanied it. On days when the motivation will be weaker (and everyone happens these days), read the descriptions of those days that were great. You’ll see what this motivational kick will give you 

WELCOME to YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS – did you manage to plan this week? Get lost. Just not eating. Donut is not an award for exercise, it’s another thing on the way between you and achieving your goal. Cinema, going out to a disco with girlfriends, visiting a beautician, or buying a new book of your favorite author – these are prizes. 

DO NOT LET YOUR LOOSE – Unfortunately, everyone will have a bad day (or week). If you did not manage to practice today – it is difficult to say. There is no point in self-flagellation. Tomorrow you will find time to practice. So since you’ve fallen, you’re up and fighting. 




ASK THE NEAREST FOR SUPPORT AND DOPING – scientific research shows that achieving goals is more likely if we have support for relatives (family and friends). Ask a friend to take you out for a walk together this month instead of sharing a beer. 

REMEMBER THAT EXERCISES IMPROVE THE MOOD – yes, physical activity is recommended for patients suffering from depression and people who suffer from stress. And it works. There is nothing better than exercising after a hard, stressful day at work or arguing with a boy. If you want to mock and write “how, hehe, and alcohol? – remember that alcohol acts as a depressant on the central nervous system. Relaxation is apparent and short-lived, caused by disturbances that alcohol causes in the hormonal economy. Even in a small amount. Endorphins secreted by the brain during exercise have no effect. Do you feel stress? Practice. 

REMEMBER THAT EXERCISES IMPROVE THE PERSONAL OBJECT – the body image is the sum of thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves. “God, how I look awful today,” but I grew fat, look at my belly, “I like my breasts, but I have a definitely too muscular thigh – only a few of the countless examples of my own body image. This image may be consistent with the real or disturbed state (179 cm tall, 50 kg, “about paradise, I have to lose weight because I am too fat). Regardless of whether reality confirms how we perceive ourselves, research shows one thing – physical exercises positively affect the image of our own body. With or without diet. So it’s not about the impact of exercise on the actual dimensions (“I lost weight and I like myself more) only about the impact on the psyche (” the weight is in place, dimensions too, but somehow I like each other more!).

REMEMBER THAT EXERCISES IMPROVE THE FEELING OF OWN PERFORMANCE – Self-Efficacy is a collection of beliefs of the individual about their own abilities. Did you manage to raise 130kg in MC or run 5km without stopping – there is nothing more important at the moment. You are proud of yourself, in the end you made something that seemed impossible a month ago – thanks to physical activity, your sense of value increases. Since you managed to run 5km, you will manage to lose 3 cm in the waist in the next two months. Or four. But you KNOW that it will eventually work. You know that you can. And then you will finish this BA thesis which has been on the desk for several months. Increasingly higher self-esteem and its positive impact on the quality of life (in every aspect, from appearance to relations with loved ones) are scientifically proven. 


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