Protein – maximum amount in 1 meal


Probably more than once you met with the question – how much can I give maximum protein in one meal? 

the answer was usually 20-30g 


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Is this really true? 



The limit is certainly not 30g and 20g more. 

The limit is / may be all-day demand! 

But here the very important aspect is the ease or amount of protein consumed depending on the weight – it is easier for a woman to deliver 40g (if she intends to provide 0.8g according to RDA) than a guy seriously taking this sport 2.2g in one meal – but it is also possible. 

Maybe not in 1 meal – but for a few hours – for example, 2-3 meals for 4-6 hours before / after training. Say it is not easy and even more ambiguous – but it’s not 20-30g for a meal! 

A lot depends on the daily requirement, as well as the composition of meals, time of digestion, weight, age, gender, etc. 


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Posted on: February 7, 2019

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