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From time to time someone asks for the weight of a given product, I decided that using a kitchen scale I would like to familiarize myself with the weight of individual products that I have at home and those who have the most questions. 

For weighing, I used an electronic kitchen scale with an error of up to 1g and a glass with a capacity of 250ml of water. The products are poured into the glass flat, not beaten. The weight of the products will, of course, be approximately. I recommend buying a kitchen scales, which is essential when arranging diets, but if someone collects money or because of independent reasons J did not buy it, then I think from art. it will be useful to him. 


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Mountain oat flakes – 130g, 100g – 11.9g protein, 7.2g fats, digestible carbohydrates 69.3g, calories 350 

Homemade mousse – 125g, 100g – 10g protein, 10g fats, digestible carbohydrates 55g, calories 350 

Pumpkin seeds – 155g, 100g – 24.5g protein, fats 45.8g, digestible carbohydrates 12.7g, calories 561 

Cornflakes – 40g, in 100g – protein 6.9g, fats 2.5g, digestible carbohydrates 77g, calories 358 

Walnuts – 120g, 100g – 16g protein, fat 60.3g, digestible carbohydrates 11.5g, calories 650 

Sunflower seeded – 160g, 100g – 24.4g protein, fat 43.7g, digestible carbohydrates 18.6g, calories 565.5 

Linseed – 200g, 100g – protein 19.5g, fats 34g, digestible carbohydrates 6.4g, calories 410 

Wheat bran – 120g, in 100g – protein 17g, fats 4.9g, digestible carbohydrates 20.7g, calories 195 

Raisins – 185g, in 100g – protein 2,3g, fats 0,5g, digestible carbohydrates 64,7g, calories 273 

Cous cous – 210g, in 100g – protein 12.5g, fats 0.65g, digestible carbohydrates 73g, calories 350 

Buckwheat groats – 200g, 100g – 12.6g protein, fat 3.1g, digestible carbohydrates 63.5g, calories 331.5g 

Barley groats – 210g, in 100g – protein 6.9g, fats 2,2g, digestible carbohydrates 68.8g, calories 332 

Rice – 200g, in 100g – protein 6.7g, fats 0.7g, digestible carbohydrates 76.5g, calories 340 

Flour – 150g, 100g – protein 9.2g, fat 1.2g, digestible carbohydrates 72.3g, calories 367 

Sugar – 235g, 100g – protein 0g, fat 0g, digestible carbohydrates 100g, calories 400 

Cocoa – 110g, 100g – 18.2g protein, 21.7g fats, digestible carbohydrates 44.9g, calories 313 

Wholemeal pasta with wholemeal flour – 110g, 100g – 11g protein, fat 2.5g, digestible carbohydrate 74g, calories – 362.5 

2 egg noodles from regular flour – 95g, in 100g – 11.5g protein, fats 2.6g, digestible carbohydrates 74.7g, calories 328 

Bread crumbs – 130g

Salt – 315g 


Weighted products separately 

Slice of chicken breast ham (10cm by 10cm, thin cut) – 20g, 100g – 21.2g protein, fat 1.2g, digestible carbohydrate 0.2g, calories 98 

Slice of cheese (12cm by 10cm, thinned-cut) – 20g, 100g – 27.9g protein, fat 22.9g, digestible carbohydrates 0.1g, calories 319 

Egg (medium) – 60g, 100g protein 12.5g, fat 9.7g, digestible carbohydrates 0.6g, calories 140. Egg protein in 100g – protein 10.9g, fat 0.2g, carbohydrates digestible 0.7g, calories 48. Egg yolk egg in 100g – protein 15.5g, fat 28.2g, digestible carbohydrate 0.3g, calories 317. Average egg (about 60g) – protein 8g, fats 6.4g, digestible carbohydrates 0.4g, calories 91 

Whole grain wholemeal bread (weight 50g) (9cm by 13cm, thickness 1cm), in 100g of product – 5.5g protein, fat 1.7g, digestible carbohydrate 46g, calories 217 

Olive oil / linseed oil – a spoon of about 10g, a teaspoon of about 5g 

WPC natural – roughing spoon approx. 10g 

Gainer – heaped spoon approx. 15g 


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Posted on: March 5, 2019

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