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It’s best to eat protein in every meal. Sorry if it sounds like a stuck plate but the protein is necessary and you need to eat it, no one will be indignant if I say that eating protein in breakfast, lunch, dinner and between these main meals is part of a healthy and varied feeding plan. In contrast to carbohydrates and fats, the protein contains sulfur and nitrogen, two life-giving elements for each cell of our body. As with carbohydrates and fat, there are many types of proteins and each has its own advantages. The right types taken at the right times can really change a lot, especially if you’re making a sculpture or mass. 


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Basically, the 5th day of the day when proteins are most useful in the diet, these window options give you the opportunity to increase the quality of nutrition, help you calculate meals and lead to a golden rule of 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day. but it’s more than just eating some protein every few hours, you must also use the right high quality protein sources. Use the correct one, and it will give you guarantees from the window of opportunity will remain open. 




After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, if you have not eaten something in the middle of the night, your body has not been given food for at least 8 hours – this is the longest interval between two meals. Studies have also shown that people who leave breakfast have less energy during the day and deepen their weight problems, it is also clear that you will not get too far on the donut and coffee for 4 bucks, instead go to health and make protein a meal hello In the morning, it’s best to take mixed proteins like whey (quick protein) from casein (slow) at this time. time pressure? – making and drinking a shake and it will take you 5 minutes! 




You may not know about this, but the results of the research are interesting, it turns out that the protein used about 30 minutes before training will help your body set up so that when you start to put loads on your body, amino acids will circulate in your bloodstream – particles that build proteins and muscles will allow you to faster regeneration and muscle recovery. Here the best will be fast protein (whey) or a mixture of fast and slow (whey with egg) 



Probably the most important time for a protein, as you have noticed, it is the nutrient after training that is most important to be consumed in about 30 minutes after training – then the body is the most open to the conditioner. Without adequate supply of carbohydrates that rebuild used glycogen and accelerate muscle regeneration and good quality whey protein which will quickly raise the positive nitrogen balance and provide amino acids for muscle recovery and growth, regeneration will fail. Remember to take 30-60 grams of fast whey protein (the amount depends on your weight) 




Just because you closed your eyes does not mean that the whole system went to bed. Actually, if you were in the gym this day, the meal before going to sleep is almost as important as after training. The main part of the reconstruction process takes place when you are sleeping and without the support of the protein the reconstruction is difficult with this in mind and adding the fact that you do not eat anything for the next 8 hours – slowly digested protein will be a hit. Casein will be ideal, it will be eaten for 7 hours once it is completely decomposed in the food pack, it will ensure a steady stream of amino acids and maintain a positive nitrogen balance throughout the night 




Finally, the protein consumed between meals allows you to achieve a feeling of filling and stop hunger for longer, moreover, even to less-valuable meals will maintain insulin levels at a constant level without sugar spikes that cause a sudden loss of energy here the best choice will be a mix of different proteins, preferably a candy bar protein that will allow you to wait for the next main meal. 


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Posted on: February 14, 2019

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