Oyster mushrooms – nutritional values.Are the oyster mushrooms healthy


Oyster mushrooms are mushrooms that have extraordinary nutritional value and health properties. Oyster mushrooms reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol, destroy cancer cells, and are a source of protein, vitamins and mineral salts. You should include them in your diet if you want to fight premature aging . ”


Oyster mushrooms are very popular in Polish cuisine, it is not surprising because they have unique nutritional values and properties. Oyster mushrooms are fungi that have a large content of vitamins and minerals, and additionally contain a substance that has a potential anti-cancer effect.


Oyster mushrooms – where do they grow? How do they look?

Oyster mushrooms grow on deciduous tree trunks, not only in forests, but also in parks and gardens. They form groups, arranging roof tiles.

Their hats (5-15 cm in diameter) have the shape of a shell, the color from gray to dark gray.

The stem grows asymmetrically, from the side of the mushroom.

You can go mushrooming from November, and if the winter is mild, even until February, but the easiest way to buy oyster mushrooms is usually in the vegetable department, next to the mushrooms.




Oyster mushrooms – nutritional values and properties

Oyster mushrooms contain protein in 70% digestible and a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. Unlike forest mushrooms, they are rich in vitamins and mineral salts.

They have a set of vitamins from group B, vitamin C (a portion of 100 g covers 15% of the daily requirement), they also abound in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc.

Japanese researchers have shown that oyster extract, containing the active substance – pleuran, can cause tumor cancers.

Two oyster and lemon oyster species are the most popular.

Slovak researchers isolated beta-glucan from oyster mushroom – a compound that improves the body’s resistance and combats certain cancers.

With regular eating oyster mushrooms, cholesterol levels are lowered, people with diabetes have lower sugar levels, people with atherosclerosis improve the condition of blood vessels.

Shunts contain ergotionein – an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and aging, without losing this ingredient even while cooking.

Thanks to these extraordinary nutritional benefits and beneficial effects on the body are considered medicinal mushrooms.


Oyster mushrooms can replace meat

These mushrooms can perfectly imitate meat. Oyster mushrooms are a well-known substitute of … flacons, which is already well-liked among vegans, and can also be used for burgers (after marinating and roasting).


Oyster mushrooms – how to make it?

Unfortunately, oyster mushrooms are not as aromatic as forest mushrooms. The tastiest are the not too large hats, the older oyster mushrooms are bile. After cooking, they can be used for salads, soups, as stuffing for pancakes or dumplings, add to the omelette.

Oyster mushrooms can be frozen, dried and marinated. With dried stems it is worth enriching the taste of minced meat or sauce. This are extremely delicate mushrooms, so they must be washed carefully (quickly, because they will soak).

If you want the hats to be whole, best buy packed in a basket or tray – they are fragile and brittle.

Posted on: November 14, 2018

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