Myths about overweight


There is quite a lot of talk about overweight.However, as with other topics, not all of the opinions heard should be taken seriously.There are several myths about overweight, which are worth refuting.

I will not lose weight because I have thick bones

People whose weight is too high often say that they are unable to get rid of excessive kilos due to having thick bones.Can bone thickness really cause overweight?The answer is no.It is true that the thickness of human bones varies.It’s best to measure her on the wrist.This does not mean, however, that a man with thicker bones must be overweight.The difference is really small.What’s more, looking at the figure, it’s not hard to see that people who weigh too much bone are hidden under the folds of fat.It is not possible that at normal fat levels the weight was too high due to the thickness of the bones.Why, then, is it said about thick bones?It is not difficult to guess that this is one of the many excuses that people justify their overweight.Sometimes the situation is even more complicated.A man brought up in a family where everyone was overweight and explained it with thick bones, he can believe that he really has no chance of being slim.

Overweight I have saved in the genes

Some people explain their overweight with genetic predispositions for weight gain.Here, too, the grain of truth can be found.Scientists point to several genes that promote obesity, but as with thick bones, they do not have to be the cause of excessive weight gain.Whether a given person is back or not depends primarily on diet and lifestyle. Opinion on the genetic background of overweight has spread due to the fact that in many families the problem of overweight concerns everyone or the majority of household members. However, bad habits are usually the cause in such families.Children brought up in homes that eat a lot and move little, often give this lifestyle to their offspring and weigh too much.Are genes guilty in this situation?Of course, the answer is no.


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I will not lose weight in this age

In the case of women, you can also find that postmenopausal menopause is normal.Unfortunately, with age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep a slim figure. Metabolism worsens, and the body does not need as much calories as in youth, which is not easy to get used to.This does not mean, however, that at a certain age weight gain is normal, and excessive kilos should not be a reason to worry. Contrary. Older people need to pay more attention to body weight because overweight combined with old age increases the risk of many diseases. You can prevent pregnancy by adjusting the menu to the current needs of the body and ensuring the right amount of movement.Seniors, whose weight is too high, can get rid of excess weight, using the right reduction diet.Age does not prevent weight loss, although it can slow it down.

The child will grow out of overweight

Myths apply to people of all ages, including the youngest. Overweight in a child is a problem that is often ignored. It is said that a toddler will grow out of it. Not infrequently, even chubby children are considered charming and healthy, and slim ones are described as poor and weak. Being overweight is always a health risk, regardless of whether you are 50, 30 or 10 years old. What’s more, overweight in childhood promotes overweight and even obesity in adulthood. To a child who is accustomed to bad eating habits, eating heavy meals, absorbing a lot of sweets and passive rest, it is difficult to switch to a healthy diet and exchange a TV set for visits to a fitness club or a swimming pool.It is worth noting that in the case of children, a different BMI conversion factor is used than in adults.You can also use a percentile grid, which allows you to compare the child’s weight with the weight of his peers.

Being overweight does not hurt me

I am healthy and I feel good, so I do not have to lose weight – this sentence that can be heard from many people struggling with the problem of overweight.Is the word problem right here if the person does not see the worries alone?Of course.There is no such thing as harmless overweight, let alone obesity.If no disturbing symptoms have occurred yet, their appearance is only a matter of time.It happens that people with too high body weight only pretend to feel good or even against themselves do not want to admit to the fact that excessive kilos begin to tease them.It is better to pretend that there is no problem than to force yourself to sacrifice and physical exertion.


The above opinions are not true and are an excuse before starting to lose weight.Although they improve the mood, justifying overweight and passivity, they are actually harmful.Delaying with slimming can have very bad effects, especially for obese people.


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Posted on: December 19, 2018

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