Myths about excess weight.


The topic of excess weight is often discussed. However, similarly to other topics, not all of the heard opinions should be treated seriously. There are a few myths regarding excess weight that are worth debunking.

I won’t lose weight as I have thick bones

People whose weight is too high often claim that they are not able to get rid of extra kilograms, because they have thick bones. Can bone thickness really be the cause of excess weight? The answer is: no. It is true that bone thickness in humans varies. It is best to measure it on the wrist. However, it does not mean that a person with thicker bones has to be overweight. The difference is really minor. What is more, looking at a silhouette, it is not difficult to notice that in overweight people bones are hidden under the folds of fat. It is not possible for the weight to be too high in the case of proper fatty tissue level because of thick bones. Therefore, why we talk about thick bones? It is easy to work out, that this is only one of many excuses that people use to justify their state. Sometimes the situation is even more complicated. A person raised in a family in which all the members were overweight and explained this by thick bones may really believe that he or she has no chance to be slim.

I am overweight because of genetics

Some people explain their excess weight with genetic predispositions to put on weight. A grain of truth can be found here. Scientists indicate a few genes that are conducive to obesity, but similarly to the case of thick bones, they do not have to be the cause of increased weight gain. The question whether a given person will put on weight or not is dependent primarily on the diet and lifestyle. The opinion on the genetic background is spread because of the fact that in many families the problem of obesity concerns all or the majority of members. However, in such families, usually eating habits are the main cause. Children raised in homes, in which they ate a lot and moved little usually pass such a lifestyle to their children and they themselves weigh a lot. Are the genes responsible in such a situation? The answer is: no.

I won’t lose weight at this age

In case of women, we often hear the statement that putting on weight after menopause is normal. Unfortunately, with age it is more and more difficult to maintain slim silhouette. Metabolism gets slower and the organism does not need as many calories as in the past, which is hard to get accustomed to. However, it does not mean that at a certain age, putting on weight is normal and excess kilograms should not be a reason to worry. Quite the contrary. Older people have to pay attention to their body mass even more, as excess weight in combination with advanced age increase the risk of many diseases. Gaining weight may be prevented by adjusting the diet to the current needs of the organism and ensuring proper amount of exercises. Seniors, whose weight is too high may lose weight by applying proper reducing diet. The age does not precludes losing weight, but it may slow down the process.

A child will grow out of being overweight

Myths concern the people at various ages, also the youngest. Excess weight in children is a problem that is often ignored. It is usually repeated that a little child will grow out of obesity. Plump children are even often called healthy and adorable and the slim ones are defined as scrawny and frail. Being overweight always constitutes a risk to health, regardless of the age. What is more, excess weight in children is conducive to gaining weight or even obesity in the adulthood. For a child that is used to bad eating habits, eating substantial meals, a lot of sweets and passive rest it is hard to start a healthy diet and exchange lying in front of TV for visiting a fitness club or swimming pool. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in the case of children, a different BMI rate is applied than for adults. A growth chart may also be used that allows to compare your child weight with its peers’ weights.

Excess weight doesn’t do any harm to me

I am healthy and feel good, so I don’t have to lose weight – this sentence may be heard from many people dealing with the problem of being overweight. Is the word “problem” appropriate here, if a person cannot see the reasons to worry? Yes it is. There is no such a thing as harmless excess weight, not to mention obesity. If no worrying symptoms are visible yet, their occurrence is only a matter of time. It happens that people with excess weight only pretend to feel good or don’t want to admit it even to themselves that extra kilograms start to trouble them. It is better to pretend that there is no problem than to force oneself to self-sacrifice and physical effort.

The bottom line

The above opinions are not true and are only the excuse not to start losing weight. Although they elevate mood, justify excess weight and inactivity, in fact, they are very harmful. Postponing losing weight may have very bad consequences, especially for obese people.

Posted on: August 26, 2018

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