Myths about catabolism


Question for 100 points what people exercising at the gym are most afraid of? Clearly – catabolism! In the fear of intensified breakdown of muscle proteins, the producers of supplements especially specialized. Glutamine, HMB, protein hydrolysates, casein proteins, all these items are right for just one reason in the cabinet every enthusiast of the bar has managed to fit the monster, which lurks only to devour someone else’s hard-earned muscles … That’s why it’s time to get to this wardrobe finally look in and see that … nobody is there! 


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Nonsense! In the morning, after waking up, you can boldly drink water, go to brush your teeth, take a shower, make and then eat breakfast without worrying that your muscles will be eaten by cortisol and proteolytic enzymes and will disappear. Not only that, if you want to do a short aero or even perform a more demanding workout – you can do it too. Remember to provide the required amount of macro and micronutrients at later times of the day. 

If you believe in this tale, according to which three hours after food intake immediately enters cortisol, breaking down your hard-earned muscles to prime factors and using them in energy processes, you have succumbed to mass hysteria. The truth is that more damage to your muscles may make you overly worried about minor details than whether you will eat dinner at a certain time. You can eat up to three meals a day as well and make good progress. 




I suggest a simple test. Instead of the current practice of consuming immediately after finishing the training session of nutrients, try a well balanced meal for half a hour after the exercise for a few weeks. And check whether it will affect your recovery in any way, slow down the progress, or if it will cause the form to drop. I guarantee you that if you are not an athlete at the highest level of training, preparing for the competition, you will not feel any difference

Posted on: February 5, 2019

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