Music on training – a subjective choice


In this article, I will give you a few songs, which I think are the best I listen to in my training. I hope you will like one of them.

  1. Music – motivation for training

We come to training and feel that we lack strength and motivation, basically, we do not want to do anything. It often happens that all you need is a favorite piece and everything goes back to normal.

I also have it. People who are not yet addicted to music (the fact that there are not enough of them), I advise you to use it the least, because if you get used to it, it will be hard to do anything if you do not have music for the next workout. Therefore, enjoy the beautiful weather, talk to friends, but do not isolate yourself from the world with headphones.


  1. Gust

I was somewhat surprised by the question I received in the news “What kind of Street Workout music?” Because it depends on tastes that are not discussed. I listen to every music, except disco polo (of course I do not want to offend anyone here). I decided to write about some songs and share with you the links to my favorite songs.


  1. Examples of songs

I started with typical rock songs, and especially I liked the vocals of women in such songs. My favorite band was Nightwish, especially the song “Wish I had an angel”. I encourage you to interrogate and check other songs of this group

Recently, we see an increase in the popularity of the so-called gangway, the rhythm is ideal for performing movements for music, various types of steps in the air, free entry to static positions, jumps. In recent competitions, this song has often been running (the best bit starts from 112). Of course, the music I like to listen to now is dubstep, one from my favorite songs this.

There are also a few songs that will always motivate me because of their historical significance (they were used for the films by Denis Minin, Hannibal). This song could not miss the song from the movie “Ninja Turtles”. And a little faster theme. For now, that’s it, but there are still many songs that I could recommend. I hope you will find something for yourself on this list!

Posted on: November 29, 2018

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