Move more, eat less? Slimming is not always so easy…


“When someone talks to an obese person, you only have to eat less and move, I say if slimming is so simple, we would not have an obesity epidemic in highly industrialized countries,” says Dr. Claude Bouchard, author of the article and researcher of the genetic determinants of obesity and added “Obesity is a very complicated problem influenced by more factors than just diet and movement.

Factors that can influence the development of obesity are divided into four categories: social, environmental, behavioral and biological.

Sociological factors include, for example, the availability (or lack thereof) of high nutritional food, portion size, poor quality of meals eg in school canteens, food on the run, material status, departure from the tradition of meal preparation at home.

Our environment also affects our habits and lifestyle – the lack of bicycle paths and sidewalks, moving mainly by car and not on foot.

Behavioral factors include limiting the time spent on physical activity, taking medications conducive to weight gain, limiting breastfeeding time, eating foods containing a large amount of sugar including glucose-fructose syrup, performing work in a sitting position.

In turn, the biological factors are genetic determinants, the action of viruses, the action of bacteria living in the digestive tract, the functioning of adipose tissue, the rate of metabolism.

Social, environmental and behavioral factors can significantly modify the “program” contained in the genes of the individual, and thus influence biological factors. Therefore, for some people, the use of a standard slimming diet and increasing the amount of exercise may be insufficient to significantly reduce weight. Bouchard believes that in the future we will be able to prepare tailor-made slimming programs for every human being.

So far we have to experiment on ourselves and self-control. Sometimes it is enough to realize that, for example, we go between meals to avoid it, or go to the store on foot instead of driving there. The modification of habits plus diet and movement must be enough for us to prevent weight gain and fight with it. Many people prove that it is possible!

Source materials published by Texas A & M University.

Posted on: October 19, 2018

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