Morning gymnastics – why is it worth?


 Many of us, after waking up, still have a sense of tiredness and drowsiness. Then we usually reach for a quick boost of energy in the form of a cup of coffee. This unhealthy habit should be replaced by the morning gymnastics, which will stimulate the body to activity and improve mood. 

All it takes is a little bit of enthusiasm and fifteen minutes in the morning to get into the habit of everyday exercise right after waking up. Although at first it may seem impossible to us, it is worth trying. Positive effects of regular gymnastics will improve our physical and mental condition. 


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Advantages of morning gymnastics 

stimulating the body and mind, 

inflow of energy, 

mood improvement, due to endorphins released during physical activity, 

improvement of blood circulation, 

warming up muscles and joints to prepare them for day-long activity, 

acceleration of metabolism (support for slimming). 

Simple exercises 

Morning training should not be intense or exhaustive. Remember that it is to stimulate us to day-long activity and not to tire. Exercise, therefore, let us do it slowly and without hurry. Here are some ideas for a morning start. 

1. Do not get out of bed immediately after waking up. First, drag a few times, still lying in bed. In this way, you will stimulate the muscles and joints found after the night. 

2. Make a few deep breaths, let the body oxygenate. If the weather permits, open the window and let fresh air into the bedroom. 

3. Lying on your back, bend your legs in your lap and grab your knees with your hands. Place a moment in this position. 

4. Then roll over onto your stomach and lift your straightened arms and legs at the same time, tearing them away from the bed. Repeat this action three times. 

5. Sit cross-legged. Firmly stretch your straight hands up, then right support on your hip, and hold your left straight up and lean to the right, stretching the left side. Then repeat the exercise to the other side. 

6. Lower the legs from the edge of the bed. Still sitting firmly, do several circulations head once, back and forth. 

7. Get out of bed. Do three squats, and then you can climb high on your toes, stretching your hands up, just like you did when you stretched out in bed. 


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Posted on: April 29, 2019

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