Mercury content in tuna


 We eat more and more mercury! 

Watch out for tuna! Cods are not the worst at all. 

Nutritionists say – let’s eat fish. But be careful! Toxicologists adhere to it must not overdo it. They contain the most mercury! And this can damage the kidneys, intestines and even the brain! Who to listen to? The voice of reason. So do not overdo it with a fish diet.


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The US Food and Drug Administration warns fish may contain a dangerous level of mercury for humans. The most contaminated scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia recognized the meat of swordfish, shark and … tuna popular in Poland. The last “Consumer’s World” writes about it. 


Why can a tuna harm? 

The tuna from all fish contains the most mercury, because even ten-year-old fish are caught – during so long life, they are poisoned by poison. Other fish live in water for a shorter time before they reach the network. 

– Sprat is caught in the first year of life. Herring in the second, and cod in the fourth.


The weekly mercury level norm in the human body is 0.0016 mg per kilogram body weight. In order to exceed the weekly mercury level standard, a 70-kg man would have to eat 25 100-gram cans of tuna at that time, therefore Dr. Jacek Bujko (53), a dietitian at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, encourages eating fish, but not every day, only twice weekly. -This is an excellent source of protein. They also contain very good fats that lower cholesterol – he adds. 

However, it is best to eat in moderation. And like everything, keep the middle ground. 

This poison works very slowly 

– Mercury does not cause sudden poisoning. This poison works slowly. Mercury in fish has always been because it is in the water in which they swim. If we eat fish without interruption, they can harm, regardless of the content of mercury in them. You would need very careful research to determine whether, for example, muscle tremors or nerve degeneration are caused by long-term intake of mercury fish.


Poison can 

Mercury content in mg / kg in tunnels of individual producers, according to studies commissioned by the “Consumer World 

And how is the Mediterranean diet and Japanese diets that live above the average in good health and their diet is the basis of seafood?

how is it how? they eat a different type of tannin, bluefin when it comes to accuracy, and the content of mercury in this kind of tunczkaj is many-yearly lower than in a tinklet tunnette or a white tunnel. 

Blue skies is a TAN which SHOULD be in a tin that we buy in the store, but not always so sometimes the producers serve us a different kind of not informing us, for them it is cheaper and for us … well, as it is not difficult to guess – a little less healthy 


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Posted on: March 1, 2019

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