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The Mediterranean diet is intended for all kinds of people, that is, as well as for young people who want to eat well. The type of this diet is the best way to combine healthy food with slimming. In order for the Mediterranean diet to be effective, we only need to change the cuisine from Polish to Greek, Italian, Spanish or French.

Research shows that people who eat on the basis of a Mediterranean diet may live longer and also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

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The most important place in the Mediterranean diet is fish and seafood. These products contain a very large amount of unsaturated fatty acids but also proteins. Most importantly, there are ingredients in the fish, such as calcium and phosphorus, thanks to which our bones are healthy and strong. Most marine fish should be consumed, because only they have the most iodine, which is also necessary for us to function. Seafood such as oysters, mussels, crabs, and shrimps are rich in zinc, which in our body improves the nervous system.

This diet primarily has the task of eating as much fruit and vegetables as possible, dried, boiled and raw, as well as eating wholemeal bread, cereal of various kinds and pasta. In this diet you should eat a lot of fiber ie legumes, nuts, grains of cereals. Meat must be kept to a minimum and not eaten at all red meat and instead eat sea fish and poultry. Dietary foods should be seasoned with garlic and onions because it works well for the blood pressure system. In the Mediterranean diet, we should not use salt or I should limit and instead add more basil, rosemary and caraway to dishes. In some dishes it does not even matter if we added salt or did not add it, for example, when cooking rice with salt or without it tastes almost the same. And most importantly, drink still mineral water in large quantities to keep the body clean.

The Mediterranean diet is a diet that everyone can use. This diet is easily digestible because the amount of meat eaten is reduced to a minimum. The dishes are cooked on water and steaming, baked in foil or on the grill and on the grill. We use oil instead of oil and do not fry on it a few times. We cook vegetables or eat raw. The raw ones are better because they have more nutrients for the body. The diet can be quickly introduced into the Polish cuisine, because it limits only different products in the amount of their consumption. Properly composed diet provides the body with all the necessary ingredients for a healthy and healthy body development. The earlier use of such a diet in the family, the healthier life without any diseases related to obesity or diseases of cardiac ischemia. Cancer has one major disadvantage for the first month count calories eaten, then we prepare a menu similar to the one before.

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An example of a menu from MONDAY to FRIDAY

MONDAY BREAKDOWN n- 2 slices of rye bread with soy and sunflower spread with low-fat margarine, n- 30 g of smoked salmon, n- 50 g salad of tomato and onion

SECOND BREAKFAST n- 150 g of lean cottage cheese

DINNER n- 1 plate of mushroom soup cooked in Italian with a bit of olive oil, n- 100 g of cod baked in foil, n- 3 tablespoons of barley groats n- 100 g lettuce with olive oil and lemon juice

POURCASE n- 1 glass of lean curdled milk, 1 glass of seasonal fruit, e.g. raspberries, blackberries, strawberries

DINNER n- 150 g salad of tomato and cucumber, n- 40 g of boiled couscous, n- 2 slices of beef ham

TUESDAY INFO n- 1 muesli cup with 175 g of natural yogurt, n- 1 kiwi

SECOND BREAKFAST n- 2 slices of crisp bread spread with margarine, n- 2 slices of ham, n- 1/2 cucumber

DINNER n- cold soup prepared from 200 g kefir, cucumber, chard and chives, n- 1 peach

POURCASE n- 1 glass of vegetable juice

DINNER n- 250 g salad of tuna, corn and peas from the can, n- 1/2 grahamki thinly spread with margarine

WEDNESDAY n- 2 slices of wholemeal bread thinly spread with margarine, n- 2 slices of turkey sausage, n- 100 g salad of tomato and chives

SECOND BREAKFAST n- 175 g of natural yoghurt

DINNER n- cabbage soup with chicken and chicken, n- 200 g pepper stuffed with tomatoes, veal liver and onions (Mediterranean paprika)

PENCIL n- 1 orange

DINNER n- 200 g of Greek salad (tomato, lettuce, cucumber, feta cheese poured with a bit of olive oil), n- 2 slices of rye bread crisp

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THURSDAY INFORT n- 2 slices of pumpernickel thinly spread with margarine, n- 60 g of lean cottage cheese with chives, n- 2 slices of pineapple

SECOND BREAKFAST n- 1/2 grahamki with 20 g of chicken meat, n- a few radishes

DINNER n- 1 bowl of cauliflower soup on Italian and chicken breast, n- 200 grams of lean beef from the grate, n- 30 grams of buckwheat, n- 100 grams of brussel sprouts from water

POURCASE n- 150 g of homogenized cheese

DINNER n- 250 g salad with broad beans, n- apples, red peppers, n- dill, n- seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice

FRIDAY BREAKFAST n- 2 slices of wholemeal rye bread thinly spread with margarine, n- 1/2 hard-boiled eggs, n- 2 slices of chicken loin, n- 100 g tomato and onion salad

SECOND BREAKFAST n- 1 peach, n- 150 g of natural yoghurt

DINNER n- 200 g shashlik chicken breast, onion and red pepper, n- 30 g rice,

POURCASE n- 1 apple

DINNER n- 1 slice of graham from 2 meats, n- 1 slice of feta cheese, n- 1/2 tomato with chives

The menu can be changed so that the calories are similar to the rest of the day.

Posted on: January 17, 2019

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